Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Made By e: Recent Projects

Here are some thing I've been working on recently.

Wall quilt for the basement which matches the fabrics in these window treatments.

A lunch bag for Rhett on my work days:

When the weather was nice for about, oh, a week, we were leaving the doors and windows open.  Our front door won't stay open, however, so I made this door stop.  Of course, since the day I finished it I haven't been able to use it because it's been too cold.  Come back spring!  (Thanks again, Cam, for that fabric.)

Bruno's crate cover.  It was covered in two sports blankets that just weren't making me happy.  This, however, totally does. In person, it doesn't look as canvas-tentish as it does in this picture. It's a nice sage green.


  1. too cute!! I love all your projects. You'll have to check my blog later today to see my latest sewing project.

  2. wow, wow, wow, wow. i love it all! the quilt turned out so nice. i love the colors. i'll have to order me a few of those cute lunch baggies! adorable. miles is so excited about eating lunch at school, but kindegarteners don't get to do it yet. :( and i really love your door stopper. so nice. did you come up with the idea on your own? that's awesome.

    and bruno's crate thing is amazing. i really think you should perfect your sewing on it and then sell it. it's so great!

    you're so great. :)

  3. It all looks great! Love the wall hanging and everything else! How funny, I want to make a doorstop too, except smaller for our bedroom door that has about 20 sweatshirts hanging from the other side! We currently are using one of my shoes to hold it open to keep it warm :)

  4. i hope bruno know how amazing you are! his crate looks great, i second emily, i bet you could sell those.