Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Camping, Take 1

Remember when I organized all our camping gear? What? You don't. Well, I forgive you. We took the opportunity to go camping last weekend and try out the newly-organized gear. Before I get into the trip log, I will say that the bucket worked beautifully. We had (nearly) everything we needed all ready to go. It made getting ready so much easier for me. When we got home, we were able to revise and then this weekend, we get to try out "Bucket, Version 2.0."

We had a lovely one-night stay at Gambrill State Park. (It's my new goal to camp at every camp-able state park in Maryland. Not saying how long this will take, but I think it's a pretty good goal, right?) We got to the campsite just in time to get the tent set up and a fire going. I worked on prepping dinner while Chuck got the fire. We tried pigs-in-a-blanket again, but have yet to perfect those.

We also did the laziest beans I've ever done in my life (open the can, insert into fire). How sexy are those oven mitts? Thanks Unique Thrift Store! And dessert was a fruit and chocolate quesadilla.

Rhett didn't want much to do with dinner as he just wanted to roast marshmallows. And once he tasted a roasted marshmallow, he didn't want anything to do with that! Just a plain marshmallow for him, please.

We think Rhett was pretty excited to sleep in a tent because he kept asking if he could go to sleep. Of course, once we put him down in the tent and left him to fall asleep, he freaked out about shadows and other things. He struggled to fall asleep but once he did, he did great. I, on the other hand, struggled to stay on my left side. Silly pregnancy rules. The next morning was an oatmeal breakfast, and then on to the fishing rodeo! The day before they stocked the pond with tons of fish...

...and yet all we caught was this lousy turtle. We did win a new fishing pole, however. The odds were in our favor (eight prizes for 22 contestants). Rhett had a great time and we can't wait to go again Friday.

P.S. Rhett just told me that he wants to give me two toy eyes for Mothers' Day. Am I lucky or what?!


  1. yeah! i've been waiting to see the awesome camping pictures and be jealous. the pics didn't disappoint and i'm totally jealous. love it. we'll need to plan a camping trip soon, too - it's finally warming up and looks like it might be here to stay, too.

  2. hahhahhahahah Toy eyes would be awesome on you. i love these camping pictures! So fun! I want to camp, too.

  3. this is a great post! i like the turtle.

  4. We're super excited about camping this weekend, too! You should look into the MD camping contest, registration is over for this year, but consider it for next year:

  5. Way to take the outdoors head on - pregnancy and all! Excited for you guys to explore all the campgrounds - lend us your recommendations as you find them. You look so organized and I just love it! Jealous!