Friday, September 28, 2012

If Chuck Blogged on the Blog

You'd be reading about:

The return of real NFL refs to the game and how exciting this is.

The woman who tweeted about a Baltimore Ravens (football) player's brother's death and what that means for her employment (FIRED!).

How awesome his wife his and how much more he could be doing to serve her. Totally this one, right?

Or maybe just about how transparent I am when I ask, "So, uh, if you were going to post something on the blog, uh, what exactly would you write? You know, just for hypotheticalistic reasons?"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Got Nothing

So what if I've used this title before. It's true.

Ollie is working hard to make sure Bruno gets more-than-he-should-have human food by throwing the entire contents of every meal from the high chair to the floor.  He's sleeping longer in the morning and if we have 5:00 a.m. wake-ups, they're more likely due to Rhett than Ollie. But Ollie and I are enjoying our sans-Rhett mornings by doing things like copying the ward/Relief Society bulletins for my calling, shopping, running errands. Hmmm...maybe I should have said I am enjoying my sans-Rhett mornings.

Rhett has totally adjusted to preschool, I think. He doesn't complain about going and really seems to enjoy it. I'm learning that he's a very devoted and loyal friend. He gets one friend and keeps to her (yes "her"). At church it's Madeleine. At school it's Sarah. Not one for broadening his horizons, this one. Although, sorry Sarah, he's already decided to marry Madeleine and have either two or seven kids. Also, he made his first successful phone call to Madeleine this week. It was awesome. We've done some successful "Make-it Mondays" and even one "Science Friday." We're having good times.

Did I mention that Chuck is now riding his bike to work thrice weekly? Largely spurred by me, but still, he's doing it. And I think he might even kinda just barely teensy bit like it.

And me. I'm just working hard to cross things off my myriad lists. Yesterday I got the passport-renewal check mark and this weekend I hope to be able to check off the shed-organizing because it's been driving me crazy long enough. I'm totally failing when it comes to my chores check list so a new plan of action is being devised.

P.S. Ugh. Suspicions are being confirmed as I type this. My life is lame! See what was happening the last time I posted about having nothing? Almost identical posts (preschool, high chair, tired). So lame. So apologetic. So not going to do anything about it. Except Saturday is Pumpkin Day! Which pumpkin beauty should I make?

P.P.S. One last thing. Promise. I've become quite addicted to my library's "Freegal." It gives me three free MP3 downloads a week. And let me tell you, the selection is near incredible. Serious. My most recent acquisition was "Suddenly Seymour" from
Little Shop of Horrors. That's right: lookin' at you Angie V.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Latest Projects

A friend is having a baby girl soon, and that means I get to make girl clothes! This came from a pattern from here.

No surprise that I saw this on Pinterest. (The pin is really bad, but it's pretty clear how to do something like this on your own.) But the surprise is that I actually came up with the back all on my own. Amazing, no? We'll have him handprint each year to see how big he's getting! I'm sure he'll love this when he's 17. And yes, I'm making a lot of assumptions like (1) he'll actually graduate and (2) that he won't get held back. But I'm hopeful.

Rhett was given a choice between a couple of different backpack patterns and this is the one he picked. It was a lot of work; I won't lie. But I am pleased and so is he!

Another friend of mine is having a baby boy (my typo was "baboy" but me likes!) so I made these. I really really want to keep them. Or just make a set for my boys.

Our next-door neighbor recently turned six and invited Rhett to her birthday party. So I copied an Anthropologie apron and was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

The boys got matching Halloween t-shirts. I'm a little disappointed with the what's-supposed-to-be-orange bat. It looks more pink. Oh well.

P.S. Seriously? I guess this is one thing I won't be making. Bye bye billion dollar income.

P.P.S. I've got a bunch of other things in the craft hopper, but I've been a bit crafty-ADD so nothing else is finished.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friends with Benefits

Sometimes it pays to be Chuck's wife. And by "pays" I mean it delivers nice benefits. And by "benefits" I mean he scored super cool pull-down world map from a friend. And by "super cool" I also mean free.

Also, I took a practice SAT last night (just the maths part). So disappointed in me. Ugh. But taking the test was fun. It was almost as fun as looking at different cubicle layouts at work yesterday.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Things Rhett Says

Chuck and I were driving the boys to our Babysitters' Club house and Rhett was questioning us about where we were going on our date. We told him that we might go clothes shopping for Chuck. Rhett replies, "No, C'MON. Do something fun. I want it to not be boring."

Me: Rhett, you need to learn to eat things other than sandwiches for lunch.
Rhett: I do, like, cereal and noodles...and...cilantro.

Chuck and I were talking about "A Christmas Story" the movie. We surmised that Rhett had seen it and were asking him if it was true.
Chuck: It's a movie about a boy who wants a BB gun. You know, a gun that shoots BBs.
After a minute or so of silence...
Rhett: Who would want to shoot babies?

After getting him dressed for church, he looks in the mirror and says, "I look like a young man."

And immediately after this shot, he drops Ollie on his head.

And then after church, he falls asleep in quiet time while "reading." Oh I love this boy. (See his sleepy face in the mirror?)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Planning Schmlanning

As much as I love to plan, sometimes it's fun to just go crazy. And by go crazy, I mean the lame crazy that parents of two children are allowed. But when good friends invited us camping, we said "DUDE! Let's do it!" (Not really; it was more of a "well, we hadn't planned on it and Ollie still wakes early and Chuck doesn't get out until later and...Dang it. We're going!")

So go we went. And awesome times we had. Not only did we have awesome times, but we were also strengthened in our resolve to camp more. With my camping buckets stocked and ready, it was really easy. Seriously. We grabbed the sleeping stuff, some clothes for the kids, bagels and cream cheese for breakfast and we were off! The weather totally cooperated and we didn't even have to wipe the condensation from the bottom of the tent. Good times all around. (Except for when Ollie fell and cut his lip and got blood all over my shoulder. Sweet.)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Why Utah Wins

We've been back in Maryland for about the same amount of time we were in Utah. Since being back, I've given a lot of thought to Maryland v. Utah. But here's the argument that Utah wins it on: In Utah, it's simply easier and more enjoyable to be outside.

Since I started my Maryland life nearly 12 years ago, I've turned into someone who doesn't like being outside, except for a couple of months in the spring and fall. But in the summer? Mornings are hard because the grass is dewy and afternoons are hard because it's hot and muggy. I just cringe inside every time the boys ask to go outside. It makes me question myself. Have I really turned into a person who doesn't like being outside? Before moving here, I loved being outside. What happened?

But it turns out that I still love being outside...just in Utah. Because even in summer, Utah is okay. The days don't heat up until the afternoons, but even then, if you're in the shade or there's a breeze, it's still pleasant! And the nights! Oh, those lovely mountain nights. How I loves me some mountain nights. So being in Utah restored my faith in me being an outside-girl. Phew; I was getting nervous.

Let's hope the fall comes soon!

P.S. Wouldn't you know that Maryland has been simply lovely this week? Absolutely gorgeous. Cool in the mornings for runs, pleasant in the afternoons for trips to the playground.

P.P.S. But oh how we miss my mom's car. But oh how I love having Bruno around to clean up after Ollie.

P.P.P.S. I have great admiration for my Maryland friends who battle the summers and still get out. I'm just, sadly, not one of those people who can do that.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

About the Opposite of Clones

Clearly I was confused when I thought our boys would be the same. I thought that since Chuck and I are similar to each other, that there just wasn't much to make them different. But the more I observe the boys, the more I realize that they're going to be wildly different.

Sure, both boys have enjoyed a constant bedtime since about five months of age. However, Rhett was deposited in a crib with soothing white noise, complete darkness, and no roommates. Ollie, however, is deposited in a crib with white noise (ocean instead of rainstorms), but with a brother right next to him who is reading books with a small light on. Occasionally that older brother starts to yell for parents. Occasionally that older brother is throwing a tantrum.

Also, Rhett doesn't have an older brother (duh). Rhett grew up in a house where two parents spoke lovingly to him and around him all of the time. Ollie, however, is occasionally subjected to yelling from parents to his older brother. Thankfully we've been able to avoid yelling directly at a one-year-old.

With Rhett we attempted to give him a varied diet and made sure all of his foods were finely diced. Ollie, however, is lucky to get his whole banana peeled for him.

And maybe the most obvious, because Ollie does have an older brother, he gets that rich experience. Someone to look up to (hopefullly), someone to learn from (only the good stuff hopefully), and someone to play with (or under). What a difference from Rhett's life.

I'm just learning that the environment for Ollie is so very different (you can't even say better or worse here) than what Rhett had. This just makes me so much more excited to see the little person Ollie becomes!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I Like this Guy

A few days ago, our dinner plans fell through. It was late on a Saturday afternoon and grocery shopping for the upcoming week still needed to get done. I suggested finding dinner at the grocery store so off we went. Easier said than done apparently because we found nothing. We ended up at the frozen foods aisle and just stared at our options. Taquitos. Hot pockets. Lean Cuisines. Then Chuck said it, the thing that has made me happy ever since: "You know, before we were married I ate this all the time and it tasted good to me. But now, it all just looks disgusting." Do you even know how happy this made me? How happy it still makes me? So very happy.

Sure, sometimes we fall into the he's-more-a-roommate thing, and sometimes he does things that really bother me. We're normal. I'm not very good at the "Ode to Chuck" posts so you're not likely to find them. But don't you worry: I still really like him.

P.S. He's started biking to work three days a week. I think it's awesome.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Rhett's First Day of Preschool

Before last week's orientation day, I was nervous about Rhett and preschool. Sure, I knew he'd be fine after he was there for a bit. But I was pretty sure he wouldn't be fine when I left him. After last week's orientation day, however, that all changed. He was super excited and not a bit nervous.

The morning started early for me as I wanted to finish the special "First Day of School" breakfast that Rhett requested. (Breakfast actually started with one pack of "smarties" but we won't talk about that.)

Before breakfast, however, he said goodbye to Dad!

Sadly, the little dude didn't care very much for the breakfast breadsticks and opted for a bowl of cereal instead. It's okay because I didn't care too much for them either. (That doesn't mean I didn't eat any, of course.)

After breakfast, it was time for pictures! First, this shirt which he'll wear every year....

...each year adding a hand print on the back.

Then pictures without the shirt...

...with the new backpack...

...and with the unhappy brother.

Finally we made it to school. We checked him in, hung up the backpack, and found his seat. Then time for me to go!

And how did I do? Just fine! I admit I got a little teary-eyed driving away. This was not because "my-baby-is-growing-up-so-fast," but more "he's-without-me-and-I-can't-protect-him-from-things!" But after enjoying the grocery store with only one kid, I quickly forget about it.

His first words when I picked him up? "I loved it!" Let's just hope he understands that he has to go back today and then next Monday and then Wednesday and then...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Donut Race is ON

Oh yeah. You thought I was kidding, right? WRONG. I don't know why I am so drawn to this race-turned-party, but I am. So we're doing it.

Here is what we've accomplished so far:
determined the date, time, and place
emailed potential runners (even got a few people registered and volunteering!)
ran the course route
made the start/finish chute (out of PVC so it doubles as water play for the boys)
made the start/finish banner
designed t-shirt stencils
designed bibs

What's left? Tons! But it's so much fun that I don't mind. I'm learning that not only do I love organizing spaces (I tackled the junk drawer last weekend), but I love organizing events. So many lists and things to cross off. So much fun planning. Just too much fun. It is doubtful that it will it be more fun than the actual event, however, so if you're in the area: please come!

Who doesn't love donuts?! (I know, I know...there are a handful of you. But you know you're in the minority, right?)

P.S. Today's is Rhett's first day of preschool! Details Friday...

Monday, September 3, 2012

Random Thoughts

The word "reservoir" is pronounced:
a. res-e-voir (all frenchy like)
b. res-e-vore (not at all frenchy like)

You see someone while out and about and you happen to notice that they're wearing garments. Do you say anything, or is that just awkward? Note: You are not in Utah or Idaho.

Sometimes I sleep with one leg hanging off the bed. Is that weird?

Unknown side effect of the dehumidifier #1: Our towels are super dry! Normally, they never get truly dry between showers. But recently I noticed that they are almost a bit rough because they're just that dry. It's awesome.

Unknown side effect #2: Our bedroom (just outside of which the dehumidifier sits) is getting super hot at night. Like 80 degrees hot. Cue chorus of Marylanders: But it's a DRY heat!

Unknown side effect #3: Although it's running all the time (we figure it gets anywhere from 2-4 gallons of water out of our air per day), we're probably coming out even on electricity because we were able to turn up the thermostat. And by that I mean that instead of cooling our house to 75, we can turn up the temp to 77 because it's a DRY cool!

Considering how much time I've spent thinking about just how good it was, I think I must declare leftover-pie-crust-baked-with-cinnamon-and-sugar-sprinkled-on-it my current most favoritest food. Somebody remember this in 11 months and give me just unbaked pie crust for my birthday, okay?

My kids, just like yours I'm sure, put themselves into weird places.