Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuckahoe State Park

Another park checked off! This one surprised me. I was expecting just another forest, but it was actually really fun! We ended up fishing, canoeing, hiking, biking, playgrounding, going to an aviary program (where we watched birds of prey eat dead mice), and the regular campfire activities. I also participated in a triathlon, but more on that later.

Sure it was hot and humid, but I survived that with the Scamp. HOWEVER. The one thing I'm not sure I can survive in summer camping? The bugs. I mean, mosquitoes, whatever. But the ticks? I just don't know. We each ended up with at least one on us, my first one found on my forehead (not yet embedded) while I was driving. Seriously. I've been itching everywhere since we got back. It's going to take me some serious psyching myself out before I try this again. Why-oh-why were ticks ever included in the list of things to create?

This was our first trip where we got to try out the PVC railings on the upper bunk. SUCCESS! No middle-of-the-night fallings out.

The boys LOVED the tire playground. Ollie especially loved this swing.

Only Rhett caught a fish. The creatures were experts at getting the worms off the hook without actually snagging themselves.

We had friends join us Saturday and I got to take all three little boys on a canoe ride. I felt pretty awesome.

Before we left Sunday morning, we hiked the fitness trail. Every tenth of a mile there was some exercise to do. Pretty hilarious.

They both were terrified and then in love with the rings.

And I was in love with watching them bike! We called it "mountain biking" just to make them feel tough, but really, it was a nice ride on a needle-covered trail. I totally recommend this park! Just maybe not in tick season.

Only five parks left! (And two to repeat.)

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  1. Um, that parks looks amazing! But darn those stupid ticks. Seriously, ticks and mosquitoes - I've got a few questions for when I die.

    The pictures are great and funny. I love the little exercising boys. And what a fun bike ride.

    Nice PVC railings - did you really have kids falling out?!

    Now I can't wait to hear and see about your tri!