Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Try a Tri

After spending all last school year building up swimming stamina, I'm determined to do the same on the bike. I think we'd all agree that bike riding is a bit easier than swimming. You can go slowly, coasting even, and still get places. This is especially true when your route is flat; obviously biking is a bit harder with hills. However, like swimming, biking fast is hard. Also, bike racing, like what I'd have to do if I competed in, say, a triathlon, is really hard.

I recently went on a ride with a small group of women, most of whom belong to a triathlon group in D.C., some of whom have finished a half Iron(wo)man. I mean, these ladies know biking. This particular ride was billed as a "get comfortable on your bike"-ride which is exactly what I needed as I had only been on a road bike one other time. After a short briefing session, we headed out for an eight-mile ride. It was hard. Really hard, and I know they weren't going near top speed. When it was done, they asked, "Does anyone have any questions?" Um, DO I?! I do! Millions!

For example:
1. How does one train for the biking part of a triathlon?
2. How does one get faster on the biking part of a triathlon?
3. Does what I wear make a difference?
4. What routes in my area are good?
5. Gears! How do I use them to my advantage?
6. Can I really get better if biking is only a small part of my exercise regimen?

I had more, but have since forgotten them. I have nine months to learn this. Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Back to School

This year is particularly exciting: Rhett is starting with a new bunch of kids, but at the same building he's been for the past 1.5 years. Ollie is starting with the same bunch of kids, but at the newly-renovated school. And for me, I don't care where they go: JUST GO! Kidding.

Here's the picture from Monday, the day before school. This is our new local school and it is HUGE!

Our Monday morning power breakfast: cinnamon rolls and sausage. Oh, and don't forget to wear striped polo shirts, boys. I mean, who knows what would happen if you didn't.

Pretending to love each other in their school year shirts. Crazy how Rhett is starting to grow into that "dress." Obviously not really, but he's definitely closer than Ollie.

FINALLY! Walking to school again. (Well, for Rhett, we're walking to his bus stop which is at Ollie's school's bus loop.)

One last picture at the school! Good luck kiddos! Hurry up and go so I can skip on home.

And how did it go? Great! Rhett may have missed getting on the bus headed for home on the first day of school. But we figured that out and it hasn't happened again. Rhett's program does seem more intense than anything he's done before, but if the homework is always done on the computer, he may survive. Ollie has had all great days! Phew. And how have I coped with them out of the house? Um, do you really need to ask?!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Last Weekend of Summer

Chuck had to go out of town (Palmyra) with the youth for Labor Day weekend. In order to not kill my boys, I knew we'd have to spend a LOT of time out of the house. So Saturday we headed downtown to the National Book Festival. I had high hopes; they were crushed. There were just so many people. And I don't do well with so many people. We tried to get a book signed by an author, but that didn't pan out (again, too many people). So we found something to keep us busy for a bit, then I was able to bribe the boys with Shake Shack and the Postal Museum if they left. Much better.

Sunday morning there was a tiny triathlon at our pool. I was supposed to volunteer, but that turned into all three of us participating. The water was frigid, but it was still fun. After church, a dear friend invited us to dinner, keeping us out of the house even more.

Monday morning we went to the Kensington Labor Day parade. We chose (ahem, I chose) to ride our bikes down there and the boys did great. They may have been bribed with Slurpees before the return trip. That afternoon we tried the pool, but it was just too cold for actual swimming. Then we just waited for Chuck to come home. Oh, we also took a trip to the new school to take some pictures. Because you know, the next day would certainly include too many people. And we now know how I feel about too many people.

Epilogue: While not the last weekend of summer, I thought it  better to include it here than forget. This past weekend Chuck had to write a talk so I took the boys to hike the Billy Goat Trail (again). Some kind fellow took a picture of the three of us. I will never say no to that.