Monday, October 15, 2012

Maryland State Parks: 17, Hubands: 3

Of the 21 Maryland State Parks with family campsites, we've now done THREE! Dude. We can totally do this before, say, the boys to go college. This past weekend we crossed off Patapsco from the list. It was awesome! Other than the freezing weather when we woke up Saturday morning, it was a great trip.

I've been trying to go easy for meals, and hot dogs definitely count as easy.

Rhett's only desire was to stay up late. And because we really want them to sleep past 5:00 a.m., we let them.

And it worked! We slept in until 6:45. Awesome. Little did we know at this point the cold that awaited us outside.

Now we know. It's in the 30s at this point.

The sun starts to warm up things. That and the car heater.

In addition to the sun, we used the coolest tire playground ever to help the boys warm up. Chuck just enjoyed sitting with Berry (a hanger-on from preschool). It should be noted that Rhett's favorite part of the trip was this playground.

Chuck's favorite part was hanging out with Berry.

After the boys were sufficiently warmed, we hiked down to the Patapsco River. The river was beautiful! And Rhett was super tough with this stick gun. We kept going towards some little waterfall which was equally awesome.

Rhett taking good care of Berry.

And the whole family on the way home. I would seriously recommend this park to other Marylanders. It was a 90-minute drive in Friday afternoon traffic, and only 60 minutes for the return trip Saturday afternoon.

Only 17 more parks to go...


  1. So fun! Thanks for the recommendation!
    But 30 degrees???? Oh. My. No. I cannot even imagine. I'll see you camping NEXT year. I love how bundled up they are! Rhett looks seriously prepared with the coat, hat, mittens and coffee. Or hot drink.

  2. reminds me so much of our last camping trip! love it! really it looks so great and perfect - what a great spot. totally jealous, but glad it was fun for you guys!

  3. something tells me there are not many four season campers in maryland, no? ha! looks like a great time was had by all.

  4. This little trip looks wonderful! So you always told me that Chuck had crazy curly hair and now I believe you! Love it!