Thursday, July 27, 2017

San Diego: Tuesday - End

Tuesday: SURF LESSONS! The five middle-aged people (me, my sis, my bro, and the two husbands) took a surf lessons from these guys. Yep, for reals. But they were amazing. All five of us were easily getting up on our own at the end of the two hours. My brother and BIL loved it so much, they stayed at the beach while the three others went to retrieve the kids. It really was so fun. Chuck and I were much better at surfing that the only other time we did it. Of course, we all couldn't move the next day. Ha. We brought the kids back down to the beach for the rest of the afternoon. Even though the Willis Brothers were teaching another class, one of the brothers helped all six grandkids surf a bit. Seriously so fun. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of this day. Fortunately, my sister does. I'm just waiting for her to get them to me. (No rush, Emily!)

Wednesday: We split up on this day, and so our small group of four headed to the Mission Beach area. That beach was GORGEOUS, but we are so glad we arrived early. It was definitely a crowded beach. Once we were done with the beach, we went to the amusement park located on their "boardwalk." (In quotes because my boys didn't think a non-wooden boardwalk could be called a boardwalk.) We stopped by the San Diego temple on the way back to the house. Once there, we were lucky to be joined by my Aunt Karen (my mom's sister) for dinner. She lives in L.A. and made the trek down. It was so good to see her. We were sad that her husband wasn't able to join us, however. I am also sad that we didn't get a group shot with her.

Thursday: KAYAKING! Everyone except for my dad got to enjoy this trip. We went out of La Jolla so we got to see (and hear) the sea lions and go in and out of caves. It was a really excellent trip. But again, no camera. (We don't have good luck with cameras and kayaks.) Oh well. After that, me and my three boys stayed in town to enjoy some of the downtown sites. We stopped first at Fort Rosecrans Cemetery (the Arlington of the west), then to Cabrillo National Monument (where my boys did the junior ranger program and had the best ranger EVER pass them off). Then we met the rest of the crew for dinner at Coronado. Such a lovely little town.

Friday: As it was our last full day, we opted for another beach day, this time at San Elijo beach. It was lovely! We brought boogie boards and one surf board that were at the house, and even my dad joined us for a bit (beaches are not really his thing). After barbecuing at home, we went to this crazy ice cream sandwich place for dessert. The next morning we were up and early to catch our cross-country flight.

We had an amazing time and were so happy to spend it with family. A million thanks to my parents for funding and making great our trip!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

San Diego: Start - Monday

After months and months of planning and anticipation, we finally got to go to San Diego! To be honest, my boys would have been happy to go anywhere with (1) a pool and (2) cousins, but San Diego it was.

Saturday: We actually flew out Friday night, which was really nice as it helped us adjust a tiny bit to pacific time before everyone else arrived Saturday. Saturday morning I ran on the beach before taking the whole family back. It was lovely and the boys loved it. Emily and her family were on a first flight out of Colorado, so by the time we were done with the beach, we met them at a trailhead to hike up a slot canyon. I really wanted to go because my boys have never experienced this kind of hike and if we end up in Utah next spring, Moab is on my list. So I wanted to show them rocks. Of course they loved it! They loved being with cousins (yep, the theme) and hiking in rocks. Of course there was some complaining at the beginning, but it turned into gratitude when we were done. After that, it was time to head to our "mansion" to meet everyone else. That night we chilled and ordered pizza.

Sunday: Most of us went to church, and then some of us (cough cough) left after sacrament meeting. After lunch, we all headed to the Mormon Battalion.

Monday: Early that morning was family picture time! Seeing as though it was my parents' 50th anniversary and all, AND the fact that the last time we had pictures taken, Ollie and Lucy weren't even born, we figured it was time. It wasn't too painful. When that was done, we headed to the Maritime Museum (recommended to us by the photographer). After that, we went to Torrey Pines State Park and hiked to the beach. It was super cool, even if (1) the water was filled with seaweed and (2) we didn't get close enough to the nude bathers. Ha.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Making Plans

I know I need to post about our lovely week in San Diego. But that is too overwhelming. What isn't overwhelming is planning the 26 hours in New York City we'll be spending over my birthday. I have the best trip planned! Some shopping, dinner, a show (if the universe is kind, Hamilton; if the universe is not kind, an improv comedy), and going to the top of the Rockefeller Center at night. The next morning is a run on the High Line, a visit to see Trinity Church (I told you I was slightly Hamilton obsessed), a tour at the Tenement Museum, and then lunch.

How is it still more than two weeks away?!

P.S. I am also planning Ollie's birthday next year. We want to camp at Assateague, but getting a spot with electricity is a bit challenging. I've figured out how to game the system, so next Friday morning at 12:01 a.m., I'll be at my computer hoping to get a spot. The things we do for our kids.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Updated Family Room

I got tired of beige. So tired. We've been in the house for nine years and so I thought I "earned" a new paint job. We still had wallpaper on the bottom half of the walls. It was time. So we painted the kitchen and living room grey. And then, because the beige couch no longer looked good with grey walls, we HAD to get a new couch and chair. Which was okay because the chair was seriously dead, comfortable but dead. The arms were so destroyed by the boys that it was fully justified.

This is what it looks like now:

And yes, that's our family motto sign you see there. And next to it is where a new family picture will go. Until then, we have SpongeBob. Because that's part of living in a house with small boys. (I requested a hand-drawn family picture, but that didn't happen. Obviously.)

Thursday, July 6, 2017

That Time I was SUCH A FUN MOM

Because Rhett moved up in age divisions at the pool, he's not swimming in A meets this year (or maybe he's just not as fast). Either way, we haven't had to spend four hours at the pool every Saturday morning (just Wednesday evenings). It's been a welcome surprise. This past Saturday we were all so tired we really didn't do anything. Which normally is VERY hard for me, but because the boys were on such good behavior, it was kind of amazing. Rhett made a big chocolate chip cookie, which was delicious. Then, because he was still in cooking mode, he asked if he could "make something" with "anything/everything" in the kitchen. Because the boys had been so great all day, I said yes. This is not my normal response. I limited the amounts (3 T from the big stuff, much less from spices) but the boys LOVED it. They had the best time and I got to sit by and watch (and read the paper and do a crossword puzzle). It was glorious.

Then we baked them. They were not glorious.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Notes Ollie Wrote at Church

My boys are allowed to bring boogie boards to church. It's the only "toy" they're allowed. Now that Ollie can write, he's taken to writing notes to us instead of talking. This was Sunday's (the spelling may be adapted):

Ollie: How many talks are left?
Me: I don't know. It's testimony meeting.
Ollie: That doesn't make sense.
Me: Sorry.
Ollie: That sorry doesn't change anything.
Chuck: What kind of sorry would? A slurpee sorry?
Ollie: Be like that.