Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Maryland State Park #11: Swallow Falls

Friday morning, we woke up at Herrington Manor, hung out for a bit, and then packed up the car. Which, thanks to sleeping in cabins, was pretty easy. Because we were still battling rain and we couldn't yet check into our other cabin, we found a nature center at another park (one we'll have to come back for) and spent the morning there. It was perfect. The boys had a great time and we were all dry. Then we ate lunch in "town" and by then, the skies were starting to clear and we could check in to our other cabin, in state park #11, Swallow Falls. The cabin there was NOT a full-service cabin. It was basically a tent with bunk beds. But it was a dry tent with bunk beds! That afternoon we took one of the coolest hikes we've done in all the state parks and saw four waterfalls. We got back, did a fire, and tried to go to bed. Worst. Night's. Sleep. Ever. Let's just say a certain seven-year-old was afraid of spiders crawling over him while he was sleeping. But in the morning we woke up, packed up camp, and did the hike again. Then we had to head home. Success!


  1. seriously looks so great! i'm super jealous. i want to camp! oh, and i'm wearing the blue vest this very moment. i love it!

    did the 7-year old keep up the 3-year old at night? or did he sleep through all the spider stuff?

  2. 4 waterfalls! What charm and what success! Looks like an awesome trip.