Monday, October 20, 2014

Camping Wonderland

We visited our eight state park, Elk Neck, this weekend. (And don't ask why it's called that; I haven't a clue.) We got up there fairly early on Friday, hiked (without complaint), jumped in leaves, played with cousins, ate dinner (with complaint), and then asked to be put to bed. Pretty good day! Saturday we ate breakfast (with complaint), hiked (without complaint), and went up a lighthouse (and screamed about goblins). Our campsite came with two little frog ponds en suite, so that was exciting. However, the camp store here left much to be desired, especially when compared to Pokomoke. But it was a pretty cool little park.

We left Elk Neck and headed to Dutch Wonderland, an amusement park for kids. Rhett went on nearly every ride and Ollie nearly all of the rides Rhett did. The boys had a spectacular time and we closed the place down. It was a long day for everyone, and sadly only half of us were allowed to fall asleep in the car. When do I get my computer-driven car?

P.S. Can I just say, I'm done with this one night of camping thing. We have to do better. Two nights from here on out. I so wish we had done better at taking advantage of this with late church. Sigh.


  1. oh it looks like a perfect weekend! so fun. cool that you are so close to lighthouses. awesome!

  2. HI!! We've camped there and hiked to that lighthouse...such a cool place. ( although, my family still makes fun of me because I was wearing heals. : ) I had no idea how far it was.
    I see Hart Miller island on your list.. We spend our summers on that island but we've never camped there. I hear that it gets very buggy at night.
    This weekend we're heading up to cunningham falls.. that's our favorite place. Hoping to see some gorgeous foliage.

  3. How fun is that?! I'm impressed at all the parks you've been to!