Friday, July 31, 2009

Made by e

Here are some things that I can display. (My quiet book pages are done but they're to remain a surprise.)

Here are the completed Scrabble tile pendants. I've been wearing one every day since they've been done. See the tutorial

And here are these funny pie magnets. I think they're perfect for a fridge, and they crack me up every time I look at them. The tutorial is

Reusable sandwich wraps. Emily and I got to sew together (!) which never happens. So fun.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Consider the Disputes Settled

I will now disclose the results of our marital disputes.

1) Initially I shared Daniel's sentiment: that when I was that sweaty and nasty, deodorant was completely pointless. However, Chuck did ask nicely so I put it on. And wow, was I pleasantly surprised! I could no longer smell me! I was shocked. Now, that doesn't mean I felt fresh as a flower, but I at least felt presentable. Using a diaper wipe or the water splash would have been excellent solutions as well. The deodorant couldn't help the salt lick created on my forehead, however. But no one knew that but me.

2) The banner. When you live in Utah, displays of patriotism last until nearly August because of Pioneer Day (that being a much, much bigger holiday than July 4th, of course). So for me, the banner being up in mid-July was not at all offputting. But for Chuck, a person for whom July 24th means very little, it was a little surprising. While I can see his argument (which really wasn't an argument, it was more like, "How long is that going to stay up?" followed by an "Okay."), I'm going to go with Jessica. She and Amanda can be my east coast supporters of this. I just wish I had an answer for her about when to start your patriotic decorating.

3) The pants. Oh the pants. Really? Really? I had no idea I was the only one that preferred pants B to pants A. I guess I'll have to learn to let this go knowing that I'm the only one cringing inside.

Thanks for restoring the bliss to our happy home.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Settle a Few Marital Disputes

These disagreements have come up recently in our home. Please settle the score.

1) I get back from a six-mile run and am sweaty and stinky. But as I have to get to the church almost immediately to help clean it and therefore have no time to shower (plus, I'll want to shower when I'm done cleaning), will deodorant help me or is it pointless?

2) Everyone knows that Christmas lights should be taken down by January 7th, or earlier. But what about this banner? Give me the drop-dead date for its showing.

3) Which pant color is better for a man, (a) or (b)?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Math in the Real World

A boy once broke up with me using a graph, so why can't I do the same to explain how it's been being Rhett's mom?

Up until recently, it seemed that every single day I spent mothering Rhett, being his mom became easier and easier. Not only was he becoming easier (sleeping through nights, sitting, walking, etc.) but I was getting better. In no time was I cruising out of the house in less than five minutes compared to the 40 minutes it took when Rhett was a newborn. I loved it.

But these days, it seems like we're reversing that trend (see Figure 1). And it's all because of a little thing called "communication." While he's understanding so much of what we say (bath, go, doggie, snack,...) we are understanding nothing of what he says, with the exception of "bubble," "mama," "dogdog," and a few other words. And it's hard. Especially because at this age of nearly 16 months, he wants things. I just don't know what these things are. To him, everything edible is "num num." Well what the %&*! is this elusive "num num" if it's not milk, animal crackers, a banana, or one of the multitude of other things we offer him? And while we're talking about it, where did he get this word "num num" anyway? It's not like Chuck and I when discussing what to have for dinner say, "How about a nice plate of hot num num?" Because we don't. Kids!

Anyway, let's just hope this graph starts taking an upward trend...and soon.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Made by e--Baby and Bruno Items

These little taggie baby crinkles, as inspired by this.

A set of pillowcases in "dog-themed-yet-completely-tacky" fabric. I'm pretty good at changing my own bed linens, but now am inspired to do better for the pug.

Some ties for a one-year-old. I gave two as baby shower gifts and have the other two. Maybe they're destined for the Etsy shop, or future baby shower gifts. We'll see.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mr. Mom and Ms. Dad, Week 3 (kinda)

Last week was only a half week, but as of today, we have completed 10 of the 30 days.

He said: This week was much harder than the previous couple. Rhett was sick all week long and due to that he didn't want to eat, play, or do anything at all. I mentioned before that staying at home gets to be a bit boring. With a sick baby that wasn't the case. Even though he didn't want to do anything, I wasn't bored. Instead I was just constantly worried. He slept quite a bit and I had a good amount of time to think and worry about him. That was not easy to say the least. It was also hard because when he would wake up he would call out "momma, momma" over and over. It was hard for hime to not be with his mom, and that is hard for me to watch. That being said, It only confirms to me how much I love him. I have not had to worry about anything as much as I did my little boy last week. I have not felt as relieved as I did when his temperature stayed down for an entire day without medicine. I am looking forward to spending more time with him when he is not sick. I can't wait to read him the same book over and over so long as it means he isn't feeling miserable.

She said: This week was hard. Little Rhett was sick nearly the entire week, fighting off incredibly high (one reached 104.5!) fevers that left him whiny and too hot to be cuddled. He didn't want to eat or drink; thankfully, he slept well. I struggled because I didn't want to leave this sick boy. I wanted to be there holding him and comforting him and dealing with how hard it is to hold and comfort a sick baby. I didn't want Chuck to have to do that. I felt guilty leaving Chuck with a sick wee one because I know how hard it is.

I'm also finding that I don't feel that I'm that helpful to Chuck once I get home from work. In my part-time days, I would get home at 6 p.m., just enough time to feed Chuck and me (a dinner Chuck prepares, mind you), get the baby bathed (which Chuck always does), clean the kitchen, and put the baby to bed. Then it's beautiful "me" time. I really don't have to parent on those days at all. So now that I'm working four days a week, I find it's hard to get into a parenting routine when I come home from work. I know this is unfair because Chuck's been doing it all day. Why should he have to continue working so hard while I check Facebook? It's just a habit I need to try to break.

I'm starting to get nervous about returning to part-time because when I am with Rhett, I feel like I don't know how to keep him busy. I feel like I've lost all ability to entertain my child, because I'm out-of-practice. That's hard. And even harder is feeling like I don't like entertaining my child. I nearly cried reading this post today because I feel a lot of the similarities to the writer, especially the one of feeling like I'm not only alone in feeling this way, but am a horrible person for doing so. Dang! It's hard to be a mom!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let's Play Jeopardy!

I am going to give you some answers, and in true Jeopardy-fashion, you'll test your knowledge in getting the correct questions. Won't it be fun?!

Answer #1: 14 1/2 months

Question #1: What is how old Rhett was when people started asking when we were having another baby? Correct! And since then (about one month ago) people can't stop asking. What I secretly want to tell them when they ask is, "Well, about nine months from last night! Hubba hubba!" But that might make people too uncomfortable; probably about as uncomfortable as people are when they're asked when the next baby is coming.

Answer #2: Not at all successful.

Question #2: What is how successful were Chuck and I at getting Rhett to try his first ice cream cone from McDs? Correct! Honestly, could this even be my child? Turning down a McDonald's ice cream cone? I'm having serious doubts.

Answer #3: Raccoon.

Question #3: What is the animal I most resemble now? Correct! I admit that 90% of the time I'm outside, I'm wearing sunglasses; but 98% of that time, they're on top of my head. So where did these crazy raccoon eyes come from?! (By the way, I just realized I totally have my mom's eyes. WEirD!)

Answer #4: About 102 degrees.

Question #4: What is the average temperature of my sick little boy since Sunday? Sadly, correct. Poor baby. Poorer Chuck.

How'd you do?

Monday, July 6, 2009

One Last Call for Quiet Book Swap

I'm sending an email to those of you who expressed interest in participating in the Quiet Book Swap. Please let me know if you didn't get it. Also, if you'd like to join us, let me know by TODAY (Monday, July 6, 2009).

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

And yes, I made that happy banner. You can too; it's simply cut up bandanas and pre-made binding. Easy peasy. It cost less than $7.

P.S. Don't worry; quiet book swap is totally on. But given the holiday weekend, I think I'll wait until Monday to post details. If you'd still like to sign up, please do so by then. I'm soooo excited!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sticking It to the Man

Chuck and I got a new cell phone recently and we earned a $50 rebate on this phone. When this rebate, unlike other rebates we've received from Verizon, came in the form of a Visa card, I was furious. To me, they did this because they figure that people won't spend the exact $50 and so they won't be out the entire amount. Because you know, if only 100 people use only $49 of their cards, well, PRESTO! Verizon has made a cool $100. And we know there are far more than 100 people getting Verizon cards. And we know there are far more of them not using the cards to their fullest.

So when I got our card, I swore on my dead pug Thor that I would use every last penny. And I did. Up until yesterday I had $0.61 and I've just been biding my time until I could find a way to use it. Turns out the post office sells a $0.61 stamp. And I am now the proud owner of one. Take that, Verizon!