Monday, October 24, 2011

Maryland State Park # 2: Cunningham Falls

In my quest to camp at all state parks in Maryland, we went to Cunningham Falls this past weekend. Except for last year when we were rained out, we've camped on this same weekend in October since we've been married thanks to the Maryland version of UEA. Love it.

We had perfect, if not a little cold, weather. And really, a little cold is always better for me than a little warm. In addition to great weather, we had great company. This year, three awesome families joined us. (And no, I'm not just saying this because I know some of the co-campers read my blog.) Normally when camping, Chuck and I turn in around 7 p.m., willing ourselves to stay awake until at least 8.  But because we had others joining us, we stayed outside and chatted and played games and froze and it was seriously so fun. Plus, I love love love seeing Rhett play with his friends almost as much as he loves playing with his friends!

While the preceding week was a bit difficult and going camping for just 24 hours is never easy, it was definitely awesome.

I'm pretty sure Ollie was the warmest of all of us.

Here are the four oldest kids eating breakfast. Sarah was kind enough to make Mickey Mouse pancakes for Rhett and he loved them.

Always with the Bruno bacon tongue.

Ollie was slowly sinking down in this photo shoot.

How Ollie spent the hike.

Exploring the waterfall.

Rhett still asserts his position of "no pictures until I'm four." But we still assert ours of "We don't care. You're getting your picture taken anyway."

On the hike.

Taking a rest stop with my little boys.

Look how pretty Maryland is in the fall. It's what keeps me here in the summer and winter.

I told you: Rhett is forever looking sideways. We thought for sure he'd fall asleep in the car on the way home, even placing a friendly wager between husband and wife on it. We both lost as he made it the entire way home awake. Oh well, at least he napped once we got home.


  1. Um. That was the best! All said.

    Well, except that I think Ollie looks like your Dad! Have I got it? That bundled up pick... yes. So adorable. So like your Dad... well, the looks. This is getting awkward. You know what I mean.

  2. Fun fun!! I love the first pic of Ollie!! Ha ha.

  3. oh man, i totally thought i had commented. holy great pictures - they are so fun. i just can't get over rhett. man that boy is freakin' hilarious. and it looked like such a beautiful place - i'm so glad you went AND had fun. perfect!