Wednesday, April 6, 2016

First Camping of the Season (State Park #14)

Because the baptism was at the very start of spring break, we were able to get in a little two-nighter at the end of spring break. Thank goodness we had the scamp because it rained every morning! But at least it was warm.

We went to Smallwood State Park, which is right across the Potomac River from where I grew up, as an elementary schooler. There wasn't too much to do at this park, but that's okay. Both boys were very excited to fish, Ollie especially so. He caught one fish and Rhett caught two, one of which being decently-sized! Of course, neither boy was a very patient fisherman.

And the second night some friends joined us, which is always amazing. I had no idea we  had talked until 1 a.m. until I crawled into bed. I honestly didn't know my body could do that anymore.

Already planning the next trip!


  1. Very cute grandchildren; however, we're "mildly" prejudiced!

  2. looked great! so no rain during the day, just morning? that's not too bad!

    haha, 1am . . . that would hurt. :)