Monday, September 19, 2016

Martinak State Park

After our crazy summer, we're back to camping again. I think we have three trips planned in October! Then I think we'll be done for the season (unless we one in early November). Anyway, the boys had a Monday off and so we headed out Sunday after church. (When you have 8:30 church, you can do this.) I was a bit nervous as this park is really close to Tuckahoe, you know, the one with the spiders and ticks. But apparently we were late enough in the season to avoid them. And even though it's ridiculously hot here still, we managed to get a nice-ish couple of days with cloud cover. Not too bad!

We fished, walked (very limited hiking here), had a campfire, and found dead crabs and shells. There was also a 1-mile paved fitness trail that circled one of the camping loops. We brought the boys' bikes and they joined me on my Monday morning run. It was a perfect ride for them. (Actually, I enticed them to do it twice with me.)

Overall, we liked this park a lot! Next up camping-wise: Delaware Seashore State Park!

Cheetos lips!

Didn't catch anything but that's okay.

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  1. Nice pictures. :) And it sounds really great - except for the heat, of course. I can't wait to hear about your Delaware trip. Maybe it will be a little cooler?!