Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Days 6 - 10: Our Utah Trip in Pictures (a LOT of pictures)

Another five days, another set of awesomeness. We're really embracing all things Utah and Midway, including Creamies. (Chuck had never had one.)

Thursday, Day 6: I sent Chuck and the boys to North Ogden to see Chuck's Aunt Mary and family. I stayed home and worked and nursed the second appearance of a wicked head cold. In the night I was rewarded with a candy-filled episode of Project Runway, which prompted me to buy the rain boots you see below. I mean, c'mon. How could I not? They were on SALE, people.

Friday, Day 7: Feeling much better, but faced with rain, we played it low-key. We visited the local artisan cheese factory and bought way-too-expensive cheese and raw milk. When Chuck assured me he could tell a difference between it and other milks, we decided to have a taste test. I'm happy to say that Chuck aced it. Later we visited the cute quilt shop because I can't go too long without buying (and then using) fabric. In the afternoon we visited a local carousel. After a mini-breakdown, we convinced Rhett to sit on this guy rather than the incredibly-unexciting bench. Maverick cone count: 4.

Saturday, Day 8: Because camping plans were cancelled due to a sick boy but because sick boy was healing, we decided to hike Donut Falls. I don't know how many years it's been since I drove Guardsman Pass, but it was awesome. And who knew that it went to Park City or Midway? Not I. After that we tried Silver Lake, but it wasn't happening so we went home for naps and Olympics. That night, Chuck took Rhett to the Demolition Derby to enjoy all things car crashes.

Sunday, Day 9: Enjoyed another Sunday of church. But this one had a Mormon celebrity: Elder Holland! He tousled Rhett's hair, and commiserated with Ollie over the pain of three hours of church. After naps for everyone, we ate dinner at our good friends' house. Good times!

Monday, Day 10: Because my parents have been so incredibly generous with us staying in their house (even allowing me to increase cable so I can watch Project Runway), we (ahem, well the boys) indulged my dad by going to Salt Lake for an oil change. While waiting, Chuck took the littles to Temple Square on Trax. While at Temple Square, Chuck earned his "I survived a tantrum in a public place!" badge. Good job Charlie! After naps and work, everyone headed to Utah's Olympic Park. Sure, it was more a winter Olympic thing, but it still was appropriate, right? It was really cool to see all the jumpers. Even Chuck wanted to take a stab at it and he's never even been on skis!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Utah: Week 2

Week 1 was AWESOME, as you saw. Here's what we're doing this week:

Sunday: Church (morning), Great Salt Lake and friend's house for dinner (afternoon).

Monday: Playing at the Wasatch County Fair (afternoon).

Tuesday: Hiking (morning), Heber Valley Train (afternoon).

Wednesday: Provo Beach Resort (late-morning to afternoon). This will be without me and Ollie, however. But come for Chuck and Rhett!

Thursday: More county fair, and birthday celebrations!

Friday: Dinosaur National Monument with more birthday celebrations!

Saturday: Japan Day and more county fair.

Let us know if you want to meet up at any of these. We would love to see you!

P.S. Next week we'll be in Idaho/Yellowstone so we probably won't see you. But if you happened to be headed there as well, we'll see you up there!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Days 1 - 5: Our Utah Trip in Pictures (a LOT of pictures)

You know how sometimes I complain and tell you that my life is hard? Turns out my life can be hard. But now is not one of those times. We really are having an amazing time here. A normal day is one where I get up and run and then I work until 3. (Sure, I wish I could be here and not work, but someone has to earn the dollars, right?) Chuck takes the boys out before nap 1 for a walk or just plays in the house. After nap 1, the boys usually go do something fun. They come back for lunch and nap 2. And after that, I join them for the fun. We have only eaten out once and after dinner, the boys go down at their regular time so Chuck and I have a couple hours of downtime. It really has been perfect. And here's the photographic evidence:

Saturday, Day 1: Took my dad's "thing" out and ended up at the playground. Played inside and worked on badges. Grocery shopped at Walmart.

Sunday, Day 2: Churched. Drove to Cascade Springs. Family Picture Count = 1.

Monday, Day 3: Rode on the thing. Went to the library. Visited the Homestead Crater, where Rhett was at first quite scared, but then warmed up to it. Rhett did sparklers for the first time. Family Picture Count = 3.

Tuesday, Day 4: Morning walk. Rhett learns to ride a training-wheeled bike! Afternoon at the Homestead for their Pioneer Day celebrations.

Wednesday, Day 5: Morning hike up Dutch Hollow. Afternoon trip to Park City wherein Rhett LOVED the alpine slide and got in a fight with me over who was going to eat three slices of pizza. Rhett claimed it would be he; I took the under. I won. Ollie picked up rocks, put them on a bench, took them off again. It's easy being nearly one.  Family Picture Count = 4.  Maverick cone count = 3.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Utah: Where to Begin?

My parents were nervous that our Utah trip wouldn't live up to all my hopes. But they can rest assured that it's already been awesome. I feel like we're really taking advantage of all that Utah has to offer, and yet we're not dead tired. We're still putting the kids down for naps and regular bedtimes, so hopefully they (and we) are all getting the rest we need.

Instead of a trip log, for now I'm going to post my thoughts on Utah, or as I've been calling it, "anti-Maryland." Not because Utahans dislike Maryland (you have to know about Maryland in order to dislike it) but "anti" in the opposite sense. Seriously, it couldn't be more different.

1. The mountains (obviously). Our elevation at my parents' house is higher than the elevation of the highest point in Maryland.

2. The roads. Even though Chuck and I don't know Midway/Heber very well, it took about one day to figure it out. I'm still driving around Maryland with a map, and I've lived there for 10 years.

3. The cool nights. I love that when you're in the mountains, nights get nice and cool. We opened windows the other night, but then learned that the noise of sprinklers awakes us, so now we've closed them again. But it's nice to know that we could open them should we desire.

4. The sprinklers. I've never seen any in Maryland. We just don't need them. Utah on the other hand...

5. The frozen yogurt. I have more options than McDonald's here. And there are more flavors. And it's cheaper. Maverick cone count to date: 2.

6. The humidity. Obviously it's lower. And obviously I love that. Although interestingly enough, it's rained four of four days. Crazy, no? Of course it rains for a second and then is done, but still rain.

7. Groceries. There is a grocery store in town and a Walmart a bit farther away. We were warned that the nearby grocery store is a bit more expensive, but when we found out that their regular-priced milk is still 25% cheaper than Maryland milk, well, let's just say it's makes me feel rich to be able to shop at the more-expensive place. Although, you better believe that we did our stocking-up at Walmart.

8. The trees. Sure, once you get in the mountains there are trees. And sure, the neighborhoods have trees that are smaller than the houses, but it doesn't compare to Maryland. While I like this in Utah because it means I can actually see father than about a quarter mile, it also means that parks here are full sun, which is certainly not ideal. Every single playground we've seen has just been open to the skies. Thankfully we remembered sunscreen AND we're remembering to put it on!

9. Fireworks. In this, the burning western United States, some how fireworks are allowed. And yet, in damp damp Maryland, everything is banned. Yes, even sparklers, if you can believe that. So this year Rhett will experience his first sparkler. What an exciting event!

I know there's more but I can't think of it now. I just can't believe how much we're enjoying this place. Other than when I'm at work, we've really had limited screen time, preferring to get out and do things, even if that means just sitting on the porch watching the sunset over Timpanogos. We're embracing all-things-Utah (including eating my mom's 12-year-old potato pearls from food storage!) and are doing things I've never even done before. We're all having such an amazing time.

Pictures later.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Utah: Week 1

In an effort to try to see friends and family as much as possible during our month in Utah, I'm going to post our schedule and hope that people join us when/if they can. We know Midway/Heber/Park City are a bit of a drive for people, so we won't be offended if we don't see you. But remember that I still have to work during the day, so we have limited flexibility just like you! If I didn't have to work, you better believe we'd come to you. Anyway, here's what's happening this week:

Saturday: Today we're getting settled and doing some grocery shopping. We're hoping the transition to Utah time isn't horrible.

Sunday: Church in the morning (we're picking the closest building that has Sacrament at 9:00 a.m.). After naps, we're headed to Cascade Springs.

Monday: Homestead Crater (afternoon).

Tuesday: Down time in Midway. Maybe check out Pioneer Day festivities in Heber.

Wednesday: Alpine Slide in Park City (afternoon).

Thursday: Down time in Midway.

Friday: Great Salt Lake (morning). Then we go camping! Just think of it: camping in summer with no bugs, temps that drop below 75 at night, real elevation gain!

Saturday: Demolition Derby at the Wasatch County Fair (evening).

Let us know if you want to meet up at any of these. We would love to see you! If you need to contact me, just email me or call me. Leave a comment if you don't know my email or phone and you want to.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Random, and I Mean REALLY Random

Sometimes Chuck has me pick up a soda for him while I'm out and about. Every time I go through the drive-thru and buy one, I feel the need to explain that the soda isn't for me. Tell the employee that I'm not the one addicted to caffeine. Really. I promise. It makes me feel sort of dirty to hold it. But when I steal sips (a la my mom), I forget that I feel dirty and feel rather refreshed. Go figure.

How horrible is it that I let Bruno eat his own puke so I don't have to clean it? Pretty bad, I know.

Apparently Ollie does this multiple times during the day. Since he's sometimes successful in getting in, he keeps at it.

Chuck took Rhett out for "Rhett Day" last Friday. They went to the zoo. Thursday night (of course it's the night before) I decide Rhett needs zoo-appropriate shorts. I made these.

Then, if it makes you feel better, Friday night I tried to copy some other shorts of his so I could make another pair, but they turned out horribly. What a waste of half a yard of seersucker. Unfortunately (fortunately?) there is no photographic evidence of that debacle.

I just noticed that I still have a winter cross-stitch on my walls. (And no comments on cross stitch in general.  I still like this particular one, okay?) I guess I just leave it up now, right? I mean, why put it away when I'm going to have to get it back out in a couple of months.

My name was randomly selected for our weekly Relief Society bulletin (you know, the one that I put together). I wonder whatever will I write about me? I mean, I'm just not one to talk about myself.

Does sarcasm come through the written word very well? I'm currently researching it.

We leave for Utah today. In fact, it's possible that the very second you read this I'm in the air above Nebraska or Wyoming. Look for our weekly update tomorrow so you know where we'll be during the week and you can come play with us (if you're in Utah). Or, if you're not in Utah and what we're doing sounds awesome, then feel free to come on out.

Remember this contest? Weird contest, I know. But the winners, Purvi and Allen, got this as a prize for their daughter. Apparently she likes monkeys and red (among other things) so hopefully this will be enjoyed. This tutorial from Kerry at Kid Giddy was really well-done and the project came together quite easily...once I could find those tent poles.

I think it's off to a good start at making a little girl happy!  (How cute is little Saha?  Omy.)

The End.