Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nothing Doing

Not much going on around here. I'm back at home three of five weekdays and loving (mostly) every second of it (why won't you fall asleep child?!). Rhett's at the new babysitter for my two works days, and I think he'll do great there. Chuck is back at work and will face his 144 new students on Monday. Yesterday's high was in the 70s.  Don't be too jealous; today will be back in the 80s. Life is good!

Except for yesterday when, for the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I got dressed in the dark and really regretted it. I was at the Metro before I realized my shoes did NOT at all go with my pants. Good thing I sit in a cubicle all day and see almost nobody. Bad thing I had a team kick-off meeting and I'm sure everyone noticed my shoes. Good thing that they're even nerdier than I am so I don't care. Phew. But still, dressed in the dark = living on the wild side.

And finally, we did this to the playroom wall during a recent TV-free Monday. I love it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Reunion: Part "The Book"

To the family reunion I brought along some "Get To Know You" pages for everyone in the family to fill out. And to my surprise, everyone did! Even the kids seemed to enjoy the project. Each page asked the name, age, and fun facts about that person (favorite book, favorite animal, favorite place to be, etc.). Why? Rhett has 21 cousins on his paternal side of the family. Twenty of those cousins live at least five hours away. He doesn't have a chance to get to know them or his aunts and uncles. I thought that I could create a book with these pages and then we can read them and slowly get to know the entire family. (I cheated and added my side of the family to the book too.) I them uploaded the pdf document to Lulu, a self-publishing company. Ordering the 50-page, soft-bound book cost only $15, and it arrived quickly. I am so excited about it I can barely stand it. The kids are hysterical and say funny things. I love how it turned out.

Friday, August 20, 2010

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

It's no secret that I hate summer. It's in my blood to hate it: my dad hates it, my sister hates it, and although my brother does most of his work during the summer, he only works to pay for his winter spent skiing, so I'm pretty sure he prefers the cold too. Growing up in a house where the thermostat was kept in the 60s pretty much ensures this.

Chuck and I did the summer switch again this year. After the success of last year, we thought it made sense. This year it was much harder, though. I think this was because of two reasons. First, our week-long trip was near the beginning of the summer rather than in the middle like last year. That made the summer drag (you mean I have to work five days a week for HOW many weeks in a row?!). Second, I like Rhett so much more this summer compared to last. He is so much more fun (and easy) to be around. I really, really missed him. Of course there were the usual things I missed by not being at home as much: making dinner, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, nap times. But mostly I missed the kid.

Every year I complain about Maryland's humidity. I really think it's the worst thing ever, and I honestly can't imagine why people would move to Maryland for any other reason other than they have a fiance just starting graduate school. Honestly. It's horrible here. So when summer started last year, Chuck had this idea of counting all the gross days. My response? "Hooray! Counting!" To my surprise, we had very, very few of them last year. Maybe five. We didn't even get through Memorial Day weekend this summer before I'd already passed last year's total. By now we've had over 50 days of 90+ degree days. Remember, that's 90 degrees with intense humidity. So you Utahans who had 1-2 days of humid weather? Try that times, like, 25. Nasty.

Because of this horrible, horrible weather, one thing I did not do this summer was run. Which kills me. I feel fat and lazy and I don't like myself as much. It makes running harder when I'm able to start again. Everything about it sucks. Except for the free Saturdays. Once we took advantage of me not running and went to Eastern Market. That was fun. But most of the time it's just depressing.

I apologize for the post with almost nothing uplifting. But that's what summer does to me. I think I have that Seattle disease, you know, SAD (seasonal affective disorder). But mine comes from too much heat and humidity and the Metro. I wish I was kidding. Sure there were some good moments (family reunion in Idaho, the earthquake, the beach trip, Rhett's easy transition to a "little guy" bed, and not losing power once during all the ridiculous storms) but come on Fall!

The good news is that Chuck goes back to work on Monday! (In case you're wondering, he's got all Geometry this year, one of which is ESOL and the other four are honors. Don't be fooled by the "honors" title, however. That just means his kids might recognize the numbers and symbols on the calculator they rely on to calculate 4 X 5.) I get back to regular running on Monday!! Rhett and I get back to playgroup next Friday!!! I get to feel like the wife, mother, and erin that I enjoy!!!! Happy times are ahead. I can feel it. Plus, I ate my first candy corns of the season. That's got to be a harbinger of goodness, right?

Oh, and for just a couple of days, we set up my backpacking tent in the basement. Rhett LOVED it. The end.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh the Possibilities

My totally awesome sister-in-law found these adorable fonts (yes, fonts that print as these pictures) that are just SCREAMING to be used craft-ily.  But how?  Freezer paper stencils, sure, but on what?  Or as stickers?  Or put on canvas and hung?  I can't even tell you how much I absolutely love these but want something worthy of them.  So tell me, how should I use them?

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Touch of the OCD, Perhaps?

I admit that I am slightly OCD when it comes to crossing off things. Be they calendar days or grocery list items, I will sometimes make lists after the fact just so I can cross them off. So I knew that when I perused my new birthday book (Thanks again, em!) that this countdown chain would be the first thing I made.  It took some time (31 links will do that), but I am super excited about it. Currently there are four links on it: four being the number of full-time days of work left for me before I return to part-time! Sweet.

And because my mother-in-law requested a couple of ties for someone's baby, I thought Rhett could use a new one too. So this is what he got.

Is anyone else hating Blogger's new upload tool? Blech!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Let's say that you have a two-year-old.  You also have a husband, with whom you'd like to go out on dates occasionally. Doing so requires a babysitter.  But your lovely son goes to bed easily at 6:45 p.m.  In theory, babysitter could come over at 7 p.m. and when you get home around 10 or 11, all sitter would have done is sat and watched TV, played Wii, checked Facebook, read, texted...whatever. But no feedings, no playings, no diaper changes; no interaction with the kid at all.  Once the kid is asleep, he's asleep.

Question: What do you pay the babysitter for this?  (Remember, where you live, the going rate for babysitting is $10/hour.)

Shameless Self Promotion

If the stores can start selling Halloween stuff, so can I right? I mass produced these candy corn banners some time ago, but thought it best to wait a bit to list them. Once I started seeing Halloween decor in the stores, I knew it was time for me too.

Anyway, tell your friends! Better yet, buy one for your friends. (Kidding, kidding.)

Update: I sold one the very first day I listed them! Sweet.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Conversations with a Two-Year Old

[Rhett's stomping his feet on his chair while sitting in the booster seat.]
Me: What are you doing?
Rhett: Stomping my old feet.
Me: Where are your new feet?
Rhett: In the closet!

[Rhett is crying in the grocery store because we're taking him from something he really wants to see. We give him a package of turkey pepperoni to see if that will pacify him. It does.]
Rhett: Rhett happy now. Meat made Rhett happy.

[Rhett was just told that his cute cousin, Carolina, was coming over to play. He ran to the window.]
Rhett: Rhett waiting to see Carolina.

[In the car in traffic on the way home...]
Rhett: [quite loudly] Get out of the way car!
Me: Okay. I'll admit to saying things at cars. But this is NOT something I say! Where does he get this?!

Me: Rhett, what's your favorite part of Family Home Evening?
Rhett: Chocolate milk!

What happens when Rhett asks for lemon juice:

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend at the Beach

I love schedules and routines, especially when they concern Rhett. However, I have to learn that sometimes it's okay if he doesn't nap. (I know, I know; everyone else in the world seems to know this but me. I'm slow.) This weekend strengthened my testimony of that. When we were turned away from our hotel, thereby missing Friday's afternoon nap, I was pretty devastated (I needed that nap too!). But shortly after arriving at the beach, my fears were allayed. Rhett was pretty stoked to be playing in the giant sandbox (We drove how far and for how long and in how much traffic just to play in a sandbox?! Kidding. Kind of.), whilst Chuck and I enjoyed the waves and people watching. In case you were wondering: Chuck is definitely the better boogie boarder of the two of us. We played at FunLand, ate good food, and saw the sculptures. Good times had by all. The only regret is that given a TV with cable (which we don't have at home), what do I watch? Only one hour of a show I'd seen the day before on Hulu. Totally depressing.

On the way home, we stopped at a dairy farm that makes its own ice cream. Can you say delicious? I had the chocolate banana walnut, Chuck had the peanut butter ripple, and plain chocolate for the little guy. Check out the last pictures; think he liked it?

Friday, August 6, 2010


So my birthday was this week. (In case you're wondering, that makes 33 years old. Hooray for odd numbers AND multiples of 11!). I don't know why people say this to me, but I think it's funny when they do: "You're so hard to buy for!" What the what?! Really?! 'Cause I think I'm pretty easy. Seriously. For future reference, here's a list of things you can pick from:

1. Gift certificate to fabric store. JoAnn, G Street, Capital Quilts, I'm not picky. And I can always use new fabric. Or I always want new fabric. Sometimes I get my wants and needs confused.
2. Gift certificate to get a pedicure. I would get one of these four times a month if I could somehow justify spending that money.
3. Gift certificate to a running store. No matter when you give this to me, I'm sure I need new shoes.
4. Gift certificate to McDonald's. I know, I know. Sounds horrible. But I love me some McDonald's ice cream cones.
5. A case of the red pepper jelly I talked about a couple of weeks ago. The stuff is just that good.

But, don't worry; even if you don't get me one of these things, I'm sure you'll do fine! Or get me nothing at all! I mean, really, I'm 33. Who cares!? When one of my best presents was my missing 3/4-cup measuring cup, I think I'm pretty easy.

So what did I do for the big day? Unfortunately, I had to work. Fortunately, I got a visit from my favorite guys at work! I showed Rhett my office and then we went to lunch. (He showed my boss how well he breakdances. It was awesome.) After lunch we went and got one frozen yogurt to share. BIG mistake. Rhett does NOT share ice cream.

When I came home, Rhett and I went on a date to the library. We then returned home to a dinner of carrot cake pancakes and then this lovely cake, made by Chuck. That man is creative! Then the birthday song and a snuggle with my boy before bedtime. Why the face, Rhett? Oh yeah, it's because he really wants cake.

My lovely sister gave me this lovely book. When I realized my entire fabric stash is entirely scraps, I knew it was perfect for me. I already started working on one project, even though I should be working on those pajamas for my sis. (I think she'll forgive me.) It was a pretty good day.

And now off to the beach!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thrift Store Goodies

I know I've lauded the Unique Thrift Store before, and I know for many of you, you need no convincing. But I just can't help sing its praises again. I mean, check out all these goodies I bought on Monday. I know Rhett has enough books, but when these are less than 50 cents a piece, how can I say no? (He also got a pair of rain boots. That boy loves puddles.)

And these sheets? Hello?!? Won't they make the most wonderful pajama pants and shorts? Emily, name your favorite print and they're yours---a sort of "birthing gift."

Chuck got some gifts too, but those I'm holding for his birthday next month. Another worthwhile trip!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Latest Projects

I go through sewing spurts: times when nothing inspires me and I have no money to buy fabric. But then a tidal wave occurs and I want to make every single thing I want to see. I'm definitely in that tidal wave now. Can you tell?

The pillow I made to accompany Rhett's new bed. I finished it in the same way that I did this pillow.

The pajama shorts for ME, not for HIM. I was inspired to add the funny bloomer-like elastic around the bottoms; I love them! I am trying to create a go-to pajama pant pattern. I made the first pair out of this same fabric last night. They're close, but not perfect (dang my huge thighs!). I'm going to the thrift store today to track down more sheets for these. They're perfect for summer.

A pillowcase dress for my niece's birthday.

A different kind of birthday banner; only eight months until we can use it! It's reusable in that the number can come off and then another one will replace it the next year. I like J. Caroline's better, but am fairly pleased with how this turned out.

Freezer paper stencilled pillowcases for Rhett. I don't recommend this. The paint isn't very soft and isn't exactly what you want next to your head. I used the negatives from the freezer paper on the other sides. You're seeing the only side of the robot pillowcase that Rhett will allow to touch his head. These are the "nice robots." The other side contains the "mean robots."

The shade for our new, big window in our basement room.

A growth chart for a friend of mine for her daughters' Christmas present. (Please no comments about me making Christmas gifts already. It's just how I function. I know I'm crazy.) Sorry to spoil the surprise Angie! It'll be in the mail soon. (And I hope you like it.) That big white square? The last name of the girls. I just didn't want it out there for the whole world to see. But trust me; it's cute.

A Thanksgiving Countdown calendar. How cute is this? LeAnne from Everyday Celebrations let me help her by doing a pattern test for this pattern she created. The pattern was super easy to follow and I love the result! Only three more months until I can hang it in my house. Now to do the Christmas one. You can see LeAnne's patterns in her Etsy shop. Go check out her other cute things for sale. Those quiet book kits are awesome.

This funny "visor" that looks more like something the pioneers would wear. My sister made one for her daughter and hers turned out way better than mine. Do you think I can still wear it places? And what, exactly, is wrong with my skin in this picture? Holy moly it looks bad. (The first time I typed that it came out "holy mole." Mmmm....maybe I should make some mole sauce. Do you think Chuck would eat it?)

Finally: as if Rhett needs something else to keep him busy during Sacrament meeting. (Although, now we're only letting him bring two or three of these quiet toys each week. The older he gets, the fewer we'll bring.) I got this tutorial from Jill at Homemade by Jill. Super cute and easy. I didn't do the piping because (1) I'm afraid of it and (2) I'm afraid of it. So there.