Friday, March 30, 2012

Random Thoughts

Is there any nice way to tell your spouse that he/she stinks? You know, like from sweating?

I used the same shampoo (Pantene) since I was about 14. I recently ran out and used Chuck's (Suave). Do you believe there's a difference, other than their costs? I think I'm too cheap to continue to buy Pantene and honestly, my hair feels okay with the Suave. Related: if you run out of your bar soap in the shower, is it weird to wash your body with shampoo?

Please tell me that my sister and I are not the only ones who have problems getting good eye prescriptions. I spent two hours last week at an eye doctor only to get home and put in the trial contacts and the right eye is horrible! I mean, I was wearing -6.75 before the appointment; how in the world does changing it to -6.00 make sense?! Had I seen that, I would have immediately asked, but I didn't. C'mon, Emily and I can't be the only ones who are bad at the "Which one is better: one or two?" thing, right? I'm starting to dread those appointments more than I dread the dental ones. (Sorry Dr. Eileen.)

Ladies: do you feel like you crave the companionship of other women? I'm not sure I need it, but man, I really, really, really enjoy it. Chuck, however, just doesn't have that same need to talk and/or hang out with other guys. It's okay to him that he doesn't have "guy nights" to balance all my "Girls' Night Out" and craft nights.

Let's say that you won a lot of money. And when I say "a lot" I'm talking about a hundred million of dollars in, say, a lottery. Of course I know many of you'd never gamble on a lottery. (Cough cough, elder Dad.) Just go with me on this please. Would you set aside some of it in a trust for your children? You know, so that they'd receive $25 million (or some other ridiculously large amount) when they turned 18, 21, or 25? FYI, Chuck and I agree on this but we are in complete disagreement with his coworkers.

Anyone have experience with a baby that poops so much that he's waking himself up at nights and during naps? It's getting ridiculous over here and we have NO idea how to help him (and us) sleep better. Could my boys be more different? (The answer is NO.)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rhett's Clues

As we drove home from picking up the boys after a recent date night, Rhett wanted to tell us something one of the other littles said. However, he wouldn't tell us, even though he wanted to. We then tried to figure out why he wouldn't tell us. Our surmised reasons included, "Does it include a bad word?" "Does it make you embarrassed?" "Do you think we'll think it's silly?" No, no, and no. Finally it came out that it included a word that I don't like. We then had to guess the word I don't like. (Because we knew the topic was about going to the bathroom, we had a bit of a head start.) So I went immediately to panties or undies (neither is a word I like, for nothing but silly reasons, probably one being that my Mom used those words and I hated them then). Rhett said that we were getting closer. Turns out that what the little girl said was that she went potty in her pants. That's it. No big deal, right?

Well, Rhett LOVED giving us clues so we could figure it out. So then he invented this game wherein he gave us clues to guess things. For example, one was, "It has wheels, two lights in the front, two lights in the back, and a roof." Chuck and I guessed silly things (ice cream, spaceship, etc.) until we were tired enough to correctly guess CAR. Rhett was so excited when we got it right.

Here's another good example: "This has Chuck E. Cheese inside and is a store." Uh, is it Chuck E. Cheese? YES! I think Chuck "earned a shiny new medal" for that one. No lie; that's what Rhett decreed. I, however, did not earn a shiny new medal.

But the best was this one:
Rhett: Okay. This is in the car and has cute little hands.
Chuck: Is it me?
Me: I know! I know! It's Bruno!
Rhett: Nooooo.
Me: Okay, we need another clue please.
Rhett: He used to have a mohawk.

This kid. I'm so glad he talks. I forgot to mention that when we solved the puzzle, we'd sing this, "We just figured out Rhett's clues. We just figured out Rhett's clues. We just figured out Rhett's clues. And now I want a snack." I'm still waiting on that snack.

P.S. I found out that one of my youngest readers requested more pictures of Rhett. Ask and we shall receive, Madeleine! I show you another great outfit by Rhett. That's right: a tie on top of a sweater vest with nothing underneath it. Suh-weet. Totally appropriate for a BounceU day, don't you think?

P.P.S. Here's his birthday interview for those three people interested in watching all six minutes:

Monday, March 26, 2012

Made by Me

Rhett's penultimate birthday outfit. The pants came from a pattern from this "Sewing for Boys" book. With the pattern's kinks in my head, I might try to churn out another pair lickety-split.

I made this bag for Ollie's day care stuff. I love how easily the drawstrings move.

Can you believe I almost entirely missed my sister's elder son's baptism? When she pinned a bag to make for his new scriptures, I knew (1) I must offer to do it and (2) I would get to because I know there's no way she would have finished in time. (To her credit, it was only like ten days before the baptism and she has four kids.  She's a bit busy.)

And these for Rhett's birthday. I thought he might enjoy playing pretend with them. Turns out he only likes scaring people with them. But hey, he likes them. (I gotta say, they look pretty awesome in this picture. If real life, not so much. Still cool, but this picture flatters them.)

One picture of Rhett wearing the koala. Don't you love the pizza on his cheeck?

Even adults like them! (Don't hate me, Linda!)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Rhett's Birthday Recap

You know how people will eat some desserts and say, "Oh, this is just too rich. I can only have a couple of bites." I think something's wrong with me. I don't have that taste bud (the rich-one). When people say that, my mouth is probably full with bites from my third slice of that rick something. And you know when other people lament about their children growing up so fast? I'm missing this gene too. I don't look at babies and think either of the following: (1) "Oh, a baby! I can't wait to have another one!" or (2) "Oh, how little and sweet. I remember when my boys were like that and I miss it." I just don't. Rhett turning four is totally awesome. Grow boy, grow!

Rhett's birthday unfolded in about five acts, plus a prologue and epilogue. (Do plays have prologues and epilogues? I neither know nor care, so this one does.) The epilogue was the early morning wherein I got to run, eat some breakfast, bake a cake, and get ready for the day. Once that was done, we moved on to the meat of the play.

The first act was his "friend party." I invited some of the little kids with whom he's closest to the park near our house. While the kids played, we moms just chatted, so it was a win-win. After playing, we walked back to our house to eat some cupcakes. Can you believe Rhett talked me into letting him have two cupcakes and then he asked for a third? That kid. While we were at the park, Chuck took Ollie to buy balloons and put them on the porch. Love.

This is a new-to-me pose. Not sure where he got it.

Act II was nap time--the only rest the adults got all day. Too bad it only lasted two hours. Too badder that Rhett didn't even nap and just sat in our bedroom yelling while I did laundry and watched Downton Abbey.

Act III was swimming. Rhett requested this and we thought, hey, why not? We hadn't been in the pool more than ten minutes when the lifeguards blew their whistles and made us get out. Adult swim? Nope. Poo in the pool. Sweet. They said it would take 30-45 minutes to recover, but that's as long as we budgeted to be swimming! So we settled for the more kid-unfriendly part of another pool, which was fine. Rhett had a good time; Ollie and even better one. And sorry, but no picture of the poo. Try not to be too disappointed.

Act IV took place at Chuck E. Cheese. Like Disneyworld, I hoped these types of places would remain unknown to my children forever. But alas, it was not to be. And my kid who had never been to Chuck E. Cheese suddenly decided that's where he wanted to go for his birthday. Again, whatever. We invited some family and friends and had a good time.

Ollie doing what Ollie does--eating chairs, floor, carpet, pants, toes, whatever.

Rhett was allowed to invite one friend to Chuck E. Cheese and he chose cute little Madeleine. Look how adorable these two are (when they choose to be).

Can you see how ridiculously close to the steering wheel Rhett is in order to reach the pedals? Poor buddy had a hard time with these, but thankfully there was plenty more to keep him entertained.

Act V was the after-dinner party. We came back to our house for opening presents and cake. More good times.

The epilogue happened when the boys were down and we adults had a disaster of a house to clean and prep for the next day. We were exhausted. However, in spite of all of this birthday craziness, we were just so grateful and amazed at the love we have for this boy. Here's to four!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Things Rhett Says

I'm telling Rhett a made-up story about our recent aquarium trip wherein we saw just one piranha.
Me: ...And the little boy say many piranhas.
Rhett: Piranha. Just one, Mom.
Me: Oh. Okay. Are you going to keep correcting me?
Rhett: No, Mom. Unless you say something else wrong.

Rhett: Mom, when I'm a teenager, I think I'll call Kitty, "Cat."

Rhett: Mom, I like everything you make. Well, not all your dinners, but all the things you sew.

During sacrament, I'm going through the gospel art book with Rhett. We're looking at the picture of Jesus knocking on a door.
Me: Rhett, what do you think this is?
Rhett: Jesus, knocking at heaven's door.
You remember why this is funny? His favorite song is Guns 'n' Roses, "Knock knock knockin' on heaven's door."

Me: Rhett, will you go outside and get the newspaper please?
Rhett: No.
Me: Why not?
Rhett: [Imagine him putting his little hand to his mouth in a "whisper" pose and then speaking in a whisper voice.] Slugs.

Chuck and Rhett are walking to the car. Rhett trips and scrapes his knees (putting a hole in his only pair of church pants--thrift store here I come!) and hands.
Chuck: You better take good care of your hands and knees! They are really important.
Rhett: Why? Well, your knees help you walk and your hands do a lot of other things.
Rhett: I think my most important parts are my bum and penis.
Chuck: Why?
Rhett: Because that's where I poo and pee!

I'm showing Rhett my socks with too many holes in them.
Me: Man, I really need some new socks.
Rhett: Why don't you ask Jesus, I mean, Santa for them?
Me: Why can't I ask Jesus?
Rhett: Because Christmas will probably be here before Jesus comes back.

One Sunday morning, Chuck and Rhett ran over to Chuck's parents' house to borrow a crockpot. When they got there, everyone was still getting ready for church. Rhett's Aunt Linda had just gotten out of the shower and had a towel on her head and body. What follows is our conversation on our way to church.
Rhett: I can't wait to see Aunt Linda with clothes on.

Unless it's Sunday, I never pick out Rhett's clothes. And when he picks out crazy things, I never comment except to tell him good job for getting himself dressed. But that also means sometimes my child wants to wear this...with moon boots. Awesome. He even told me that he thought I'd like the tie. Oh I do, little buddy, I do!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pi Day 2015

What is this great idea of which I spoke? It came to Chuck during last week's Pi Day. He realized that in three short years it will be March 14, 2015...or 3/14/15...or (bear with me) 3.1415. Do you see? Maybe I should remind you that Pi is 3.1415...See it now? It's like regular Pi Day but much, much better.

And how could we, the most mathematically-minded couple I know, not do something? We can't not. We will. You're hearing it now so put it on your calendars: Pi Day Party at our house, March 14, 2015 at a to-be-determined time, but certainly spanning 9:26 (9, 2, 6 being the next digits in pi).

What will we do at this party? Well, celebrate Pi, of course! We'll have a pie-eating contest, calculate pi by throwing hot dogs, and maybe even have a contest wherein party guests will memorize and then recite pi to as many digits as possible. At 9:26 something big will happen, just not sure what that is, exactly. All the while we'll be eating all types of pie, including pizza pies. Does this not sound awesome?! Chuck and I are so excited about it. I'm already planning the shirts I'll make for it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Best Pi Day Ever

After Tuesday's wicked sleeplessness was resolved, Wednesday turned out to be one of my greatest days in recent memory.

After waking and breakfasting, I went running with both boys. Until then, we'd never had a run that hadn't ended with a screaming Ollie. He was never wet, hungry, or even tired. He just doesn't like running (he doesn't mind being in the same stroller while walking the dog, however). What was the difference on this perfect Pi Day? I gave some of those weird baby puff things to Rhett and gave Rhett instructions to feed Ollie if/when he got fussy. It totally worked. Love.

Day gets better: For Rhett's semi-weekly TV time, I found a Berenstain Bears show for Rhett. The Bears are only about his most favoritest thing ever. Score!

Day gets even better: After TV time, Ollie woke up and since it was already a million degrees (or close to) I decided to take the boys to a park that has this squishy mat floor (it was built for special-needs kids), which means Ollie could happily crawl around while Rhett played. When it was time to go, Rhett left without a fit. Score!

Even better: A lunch we could all agree on: scrambled eggs with cinnamon-sugar toast and a banana. Ollie had sweet potatoes. Score!

And better: Ollie took an awesome nap, and although Rhett didn't nap, he at least stayed in his room so I could finish the million loads of laundry (or close to) while watching some mom TV (which was not Berenstain Bears). Score!

And better: When a much-better-feeling Chuck arrived home, we got the boys out on a lovely walk wherein Chuck and I talked (!) about some most-awesome plans (which will be revealed Monday). And after the walk, we opened the sandbox for Rhett and he loved it and we loved sitting outside on the blanket with Ollie (who does NOT love grass, by the way) in the shade. Score!

And better: Although I had something planned for dinner, Chuck had a better idea: pizza! (Pizza pie? Pi day? It worked for us.) Then we decided to take the pizza and Snickers pie over to his parents' house. Good food was had by all. I'm killing myself for not taking a picture of that Snickers Pie. Chuck made a chocolate sauce "pi" on it. It was lovely. We had leftovers and delivered some to a friend whose husband could not support that kind of pie being made for pi day.

And better: Chuck didn't have his usual Elders' Quorum meeting so we could watch some Downton Abbey. (I know, I know. We're a bit late, but I didn't remember any of Season 1 so I had to catch up.)

It was a lovely, lovely day.

Stay tuned for a big announcement on Monday. (But just don't think too much on it because while it's very fun, it's very far away.)

Clearly, because this was the best day in a loooong time, note that my life is not usually this awesome. It's good; I know it. But most days have only one or two of these "better day" moments. Wednesday I just happened to get all in one day.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Take It Back

How I felt last night:

Dude. Snickers pie. Not cheating in pie science. So tired. Just want to sleep. So much work. So many dishes. Sleep now.

And no, my sleepy state was not exacerbated by Tuesday's 2 a.m. wake-up by an unexplained alarm in the boys' room, followed by 45 minutes of Ollie crying, followed by a "just-be-quiet" bottle, followed by more crying once he was put down, followed by a 3:30 a.m. wake-up from Rhett who wants the night light on, followed by a 4:30 a.m. wake-up from Rhett who now wants to get up because he thinks it's morning, followed by the real 5:30 a.m. work wake up. Nope. That didn't have anything to do with it.

Happy Pi Day everyone!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Thoughts

I don't think Chuck and I talk enough these days. And by talk, I mean discuss things other than our children. We used to talk in bed, but now that we have kids, we fall asleep immediately when heads hit pillows. Maybe now that we have more light in the nights, I'll institute "Couple Home Evening" after the chilluns go to bed on Mondays. We'll sit outside on the porch, drink adult beverages (non-watered-down juice!), and chat. Hmmm...the only problem is, what should we talk about?

I've been doing Zumba once a week. When I'm "dancing" and I don't look in the mirror I feel pretty awesome. Then I make the mistake of looking at myself (remember, this is a dance studio and the entire front wall is a mirror) and I'm reminded that I'm an almost-35-year-old woman who hasn't danced in about 20 years and has birthed two children. It's not pretty. I must remember to not look in the mirror. (Related to this: has anyone used any tan-in-a-bottle stuff? My legs are embarrassingly pale.)

I've been doing the Zumba in my continued quest to lose weight. I'm almost to my goal weight, but man, it's so dang hard. So hard. This weekend all I've wanted to do is demolish a bag of Swedish Fish. Doesn't that sound so good? Yes. Yes, it does.

Let's say you have a friend who knows how to sew and her older son's 4th birthday is coming up. In the past she made him shirts for his birthday (ahem, ahem, ahem). How lame is it for her to make matching pants this year? (And be nice, because maybe she's already finished both pants and shirt.) And if it's not lame because the little boy will only be four, at what point is it lame?

We continue to have unbelievable weather. I mean it. Tomorrow's high is the only one of the week in the 60s, all others are in the 70s. (Wednesday will be 77--WHAT?!?!? That's almost too hot!). This was the fourth warmest winter in recorded history and we have really noticed it. It is so awesome.

Pi Day on Wednesday! Will you make a pie? Chuck requested a Snickers pie before he even knew they existed. I feel it's kind of cheating in the science of pie making, but whatever. It's a Snickers pie; I'll make an exception.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ollie = Seven Months

Seven months! He rounds to 1 instead of 0! I am very excited.

These photo shoots are getting harder and harder as the little man is getting more and more mobile. But we got a couple of good ones. Sadly, his little mohawk is starting to lie down (lay down? Crap, that is one grammatical rule I never remember. Mom--help!). But we love him all the same.

Can you see the two bottom teeth?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Boys' Room: Finis

Finally. Except for maybe a new comforter for Rhett (the down comforter spilling out of the duvet cover drives me nuts), I think I'm done playing with this room.

We finished the "animal jail" (Rhett won't call it a cage or zoo) last Saturday. Sadly for me, it holds a lot more stuffed animals than I thought. Happily for Rhett, it holds a lot more stuffed animals than I thought. But at least they're all contained. And no, I didn't mean for the words on the jail to be all scrunched and I meant to redo it. But the longer I kept it on, I grew to like it. It's kinda rough, you know, like prison. I think it works.

The scrabble wall I've posted about before. But the cute quilling and the fabric picture of the boys are new. The picture of the boys is sentimental because my mom learned to do this style of art (and then did it--she made this one) when she lived in Japan with her two small sons (before we girls came along). Then she gave it to me. And now I have two small sons. My sister did the lovely quilling for birth presents for the boys. Love it all.

And the abacus. I love it. Ollie loves looking at it during diaper changes.

Almost all the whole room. When clean (which is most of the time because you can see we didn't really intend for it to be a play place) it makes me happy. But not nearly as happy as its inhabitants make me.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Trip to the Aquarium

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is amazing, but also crazy expensive ($25 for each adult and $20 for kids for just entrance). Add parking and dinner, and you're looking at a very expensive trip. However, during the winter months, they do $8 Fridays after 5. Awesome, right? Last Friday we went for the first time and it was just as cool as we hoped.

Some crazy river ray and crazy little boys.

Who knows what this thing is, but it's huge.

Rhett's favorite: sharks!

Crazy sawnose shark (not its real name, as far as I know).

Chuck's favorite: biggest turtle of the night.

My favorite: the boys! Oh, and the jellies were pretty cool too.

Rhett already wants to know when we can return. I tell him, "When you save up enough money to pay for it, young man!" The real world can be rough, little buddy.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Grocery Prices

So it turns out that grocery prices ARE a lot higher here in D.C., by about a factor of a lot. Who knew?! We pay $3.99 for our milks (can be on sale for less) and almost $0.90 for a Yoplait yogurt (but I watch sales and get it for $0.55 or less if I buy it in a box). Our Cheerios seem to be about the same. Our loaves of bread (and I'm talking Pepperidge Farm or Arnold, something nice and heavy and whole wheat-y) are around $4.50, but I never buy them unless they're 50% off, which they are frequently. I can find Goldfish for $1 or $1.25, which is when I buy them, but normally they're around $2.39. And our bananas recently went from $0.59/lb to $0.69/lb. Of course there are a lot of things we eat that don't go on sale, and I'm sure I pay more for those than you (unless you live here too).

Sure, living here can be hard. The traffic, the costs, the humidity. But there lots of good things too. Hello, free Smithsonians! Hello beaches and big cities! Hello lots of different people! Hello lots of things to do!  We just feel very lucky that we can afford it. (Hello Chuck's first-year salary being more than a teacher in Utah after 15 years!)