Monday, April 13, 2015

Maryland State Park #10: Herrington Manor

Four years into our project and we made it to the halfway point! Ten parks down, ten to go.

As last week was Rhett's spring break, we planned to go camping for two nights, kind of a luxury for us church-going people. (Well, church-going people with kids. Without kids, we had no problem skipping church for camping. Ha.) But as we watched the weather reports early in the week, we got more and more anxious about staying in a tent in thunderstorms and lots of rain. So in true "us" fashion, we changed our plans last minute. (Did you catch that? Change plans last minute?! That's not us at all!) Not only did we switch from tents to cabins, but we also switched the park. And not only did we switch from one park to another, we switched from one park to two!

So the first night we went to Herrington Manor State Park. This park is about 1.5 miles from West Virginia, so it's about as far west in Maryland that you can go. We stayed in these lovely full-service cabins, so we're talking beds with mattresses, full kitchen, dining table, loft area with the boys' beds, wood stove...the whole deal. It was awesome. We got there Thursday and after the boys drove us sufficiently crazy inside, we headed out. We walked to the lake and watched people fish. We did another hike (helped in part with "hiking power beans" which may or may not have been Nerds jelly beans which may or may not have been delicious) and then ended with time at the playground. Later that afternoon we made a fire and roasted ate plain, unroasted marshmallows. It was a good day. And had I remembered our pillows, it would have been a good night. But judging by the sound of the thunder we heard that night, it was better than the tent alternative.


  1. Way to adapt! It looks like a great spot and sounded pretty great, too. Glad you were still able to go - thunderstorms and all!

    Does nobody like roasting the marshmallows?

  2. Sounds like an epic vacation! Good for you guys! Luxurious camping for sure. Also like the hoodie idea. You're just bursting with good ideas!