Monday, May 30, 2016

Family Updates: Me

Me: Nine days ago I ran a half marathon. I trained for the distance, but not the speed. So deciding to try for a PR the day before the race maybe wasn't the best decision. I was sore for three days. Ha. But it was an amazing 24 hours. Five other women ran with me and we had a blast. We got super lucky with accommodations: we were in the top floor of a huge house that overlooked the harbor. We ate at a delicious restaurant Friday night, then came back to watch half a movie in the in-home theatre. The house was within sight of the race start, so we were able to stay in the house until about 10 minutes before the gun went off. Which was good because it was pouring. That's right: half-marathon in the heavy rain. Awesome. But I'd rather have rain than bright warmth. So it was okay. After the race, we went back to the house to get shower and get dry. THEN we ate. Instead of choosing for eating out again, we all brought something to contribute to brunch. And it was amazing. Cinnamon rolls, french toast casserole, fruit, quiche, salad, and yogurt with homemade granola. Seriously amazing. Then it was time to pack up and return home! It was a great time.

Now that the training has ended for that, I need to get ready for my next race: a triathlon! But this isn't your regular tri. It's run/bike/canoe. Perfect because I'm not a strong swimmer. It's run two miles, bike ten, and then canoe one. It won't be pretty! But hopefully it will be fun.

I got a second job. I'm working for Chuck. Well, not really, but close enough. A job teaching algebra to an 8th grader opened up and I took it. Turns out this particular 8th grader is okay, but algebra is not. Man, I forgot so much! Completing the square?! Vertexes of parabolas from the vertex form?! What?! It's a lot of prep work for me. I think I'd do it again, but just not algebra. Probably only stats.

I got a third job (this one not for pay). I've finally found a way to volunteer at Rhett's school that doesn't involve children (which we know is not my strong point). I'm reshelving books (not in the library, but these are books kids read in class). I can do it while listening to podcasts. It's perfect. But I've also had some opportunities to be with the kids a bit. The first was for Career Day. We got to make a graph using the kids' shoes--which apparently they loved. And then I was back the next day for Poetry Day. It was fun, but about all I can handle.

And then I have a fourth job. I offered to help our pool with their membership cards. It means spreadsheets! Finally, a non-work use of one of my four talents. It's been fun.

Now that Ollie is out of preschool, I realize how little I actually accomplished while he was in it! From my master list, I guess I can cross off some things. I did start grocery shopping while kids were in school. Laundry did get folded (most of the time, but that's only because I watched non-kid-appropriate shows whilst doing so. I was motivated). Got the volunteering in at the very end. Didn't prep meals. Didn't clean. Lunched with friends very rarely. Helped with rides to doctor's appointments for an elderly lady in our ward a handful of times. Sewed some. Church calling prep is done when Rhett's at Scouts, so no. Still running the early mornings, so no. Good thing I get to try again in a couple of months. But then I'll have all day. I'm sure I'll get it all in then. And we know I wasn't blogging. Who knows what I did. But that makes me extra sad it's over.

The next time I get the days to myself is this August when Ollie and Rhett both go to elementary school. CRAZY.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Family Updates: The Boys

Ollie: The little man graduates from preschool today! Well, at least it's his last day of preschool. He finished strong; no more instances of me being pulled-aside after school to learn of his antics. Phew. I swear I had anxiety over whether or not this was going to happen at pick-up. Certainly he'll be young when he starts kindergarten, but let's be honest: Chuck started at age four and I was just barely five as well. He'll be fine. He still loves Piggie, but thankfully she's not required everywhere we go. He complains every night at dinner about what's being served (unless it's pizza, noodles, or something with syrup) until he takes a bite and then he's usually fine. He's very excited for the pool to open (tomorrow!).

Rhett: School doesn't end for three+ weeks, so we've still got time. May was his busiest month ever. He likes Scouts, unless it's pack meeting and then he HATES it. Ha. He has done two of six weeks of a tennis class and he's enjoying that as well. But man, this getting off the bus at 4:45 has just been hard. Even though we get stuff done in the mornings, it still feels very rushed in the evenings. If only they'd sleep past 6 a.m.; we could keep them up later! His spelling homework alone is a bit ridiculous. Oh well. I'm hoping homework will recede a bit as we get into June. He's also very excited for the pool to open. We'll see if that changes after daily swim team practice.

Chuck: He is pretty much the same. He took the boys on a Fathers and Sons campout last month. We felt the effects of late night/early morning for a couple of days. He's been busy with the stake youth conference taking place this weekend. So I won't really see him until Sunday. Awesome. And if school is winding down, so is his job. They hired some new staff to start in the fall and as one of them is his good friend, he's excited.

All of Us: We were disappointed when rain cancelled our camping trip in April, but even with the Scamp, it just wasn't worth it. We're going next month, so that's good. Our Germany trip is quickly approaching and the plans are really coming together! I can't believe how fast it's coming up. Which is a bummer because that means it will go by fast too. Lame. In prep for the trip, we've been listening to some German language podcast. It's hilarious, but hopefully a few words will be better than none. Our weather went from a chilly, wet spring to summer in about three days this week. I don't mind the chilly part, but the wet was starting to get old.

P.S. Happy anniversary to my parents! 49 years! Crazy.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Recipe for an Excellent Mother's Day

Two boys fighting during primary song in sacrament meeting--check.
Relief Society consisting of a mingle with delicious food, provided by the men of the ward--check.
After-church hike on the Billy Goat Trail--check.
Perfect weather (after a week of rain, it was sunny with temperatures in upper-60s)--check.
Chatting with my own mother via Skype--check.
Dessert of banana cream pie--check.

That's it! Excellent.

P.S. Chuck brought lemon rice krispies to Relief Society. I may have eaten some Saturday night before they even made it to church.