Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Chuck's sister and her family came to visit us for Rhett's baptism. We were thrilled that they would make such a trip and were happy to host. Plus, it was a good dry run for when my sister and her similarly-sized family come this summer (note to self: we need more pillows and towels). They got in late Thursday and so Friday we headed downtown to see peak bloom of the cherry blossoms. The weather was perfect and so was the day!

Oh Ollie.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Rhett's 8th Birthday

Rhett turned 8 last week. Because his birthday fell on a school day (you know, one on which he gets home from school at 4:45 p.m.), we opened presents before Chuck even left for work. Among other things, Rhett got a microscope and a Lego boat. It was plenty to keep them busy before school.

For dinner, Rhett chose another mystery menu meal, so that's what they got. And dessert was a rice krispie treat cake (like Auntie Em, like nephew). It was a pretty great day for a pretty great boy.

Monday, March 21, 2016

In Case You Missed it on Instagram

I don't normally cross-post between my blog and Instagram. But as my parents and sister (a very large portion of the readers of the blog) don't do Instagram, I feel I must.

Calculating pi with pancakes on Pi Day.

P.S. You want to know about those scratches on Rhett's cheek? That comes courtesy of Ollie. Nice.

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Best Way to Handle Spring Daylight Saving Time

Saturday night Chuck had a stake YM thing to go to around 4:45 p.m. Loathe to spend 2.5 hours alone...with my boys...when we're all at our worsts, I devised a plan. What if, instead of waiting until 2 a.m., I reset the clocks when he leaves? He walks out and suddenly it's 5:45--time for dinner, boys! Time for pajamas and time for bedtime! While 2.5 hours seemed like a long time, 1.5 hours--I could handle that!

And that's just what I did. The boys fell asleep fairly easily and then, even easier than falling asleep, was waking up at the regular eastern daylight time. Which was admittedly painful on a Sunday morning, but with 8:30 a.m. church, ain't nobody sleeping in.

So there you go. You're welcome.

Oh, and happy Pi Day everyone!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Update (on more than just people)

Seriously, February is the worst. We all know I'm a creature of habit and routine, and February's job is to upend it. Between snow days, ice days, and sick days, nothing is as it should be. I hate it. Plus, by February, I'm done being cold and done being in the house. I just want to be warm (but not hot) and run without gloves. That's not asking too much, is it? Apparently it is.

But we made it through. We even said goodbye to February by having one of those silly dinners where the kids had menus, but weren't sure what they were ordering. You know, "Farmer's tool" for a fork, "Utah's choice" for jello. They loved it. Strangely, Chuck and I had a perfectly normal meal! So weird how that turned out. And because it was a lot of work, it's perfect for doing every four years. But not that much, so maybe I'll break down before 2020. (HOLY CRAP. 2020 is only four years away? I'm excited for it because it's just so cool to say.)

And now for the updates, in order of increasing excitement:

Chuck. He's the same. He's happy in his new-ish job, and we all love his hours. He's still in the stake young men's presidency, which isn't too taxing.

Me. I'm the same. My job has been pretty fun lately but only because of a certain project. That's how it goes. I'm running a half marathon in May, and if my knees would cooperate, I'd be happy. I went to "Reading Day" at Rhett's school last Friday and it was so much fun. I think the kids liked the book I read to them, and then they had fun drawing things to go along with the book. It was really great. I'm happy in this time where Rhett was still really excited to have me in his class!

Ollie. I can't believe he'll be in kindergarten this August. He doesn't hate preschool these days, especially when he gets to be the line leader. He's definitely matured, which makes me less nervous about kindergarten. He's a silly happy four-year old!

Rhett. Is thrilled that I recently bought him four long-sleeved polo shirts. I'm thrilled that he's not wearing the same two shirts over and over. The boy will not wear t-shirts. Weird, no? Also, he's being baptized this month and so we're getting ready for that. Chuck's sister and family are coming into town for it and so that'll be so fun. School is good and the transition to getting home at nearly 5 p.m. has gone pretty well. Right now, his favorite things are his kindle and Calvin and Hobbes. Also, we've been reading the Book of Mormon with him and will have it all finished before he turns 8!

House.Home ownership is so overrated. The week we were all sick, the TiVo broke and our cable/internet/phone went out. Nice. Our dishwasher is dying. A pipe under my bathroom sink was rotted through and now we're having some weird electrical problems. Plus, after being in the house for nearly eight years, I'm starting to get sick of some of the things inside it (window treatments, couches, floors). But see my previous sentences to see why we're unable to do anything about it.

Rhett's Old School. We are anxiously watching its transition. Right now, portables have been removed, power has been cut, and construction trailers are set up. Hopefully demolition starts soon because that'll be fun. I've been taking weekly pictures so that a fun flip book can be produced at the end of the building process.

The Scamp. Really wants us to go camping! And we all want to go camping! Hopefully we'll get out a couple days over Spring Break. We have plans in June, so that's good too.

My Parents. Still enjoying their location. And we are getting excited to visit. The boys' passports came in the mail last week, so we're getting ready!

Maryland. Is warming up! Every once in a while we'll get a day in the 50s or even 60s! I took the boys to Sugarloaf Mountain a couple Sundays ago and it was so great to be outside. I'm hopeful that warmth will return. You know, because there have been years where it hasn't. Duh.

I think that's it. Here are some pictures.

This is what happens when you run out of things to do inside and you give your boys the camera to let them take pictures. This is one of about, oh, 50.

And another...

And another. This one cracks me up. I, of course, had no idea what I'd find when I finally transferred them off the camera.

On Sugarloaf Mountain's 1,282-foot summit. Whoa.