Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Break: The Lemonade

So what did we do once we decided to leave Assateague? I argued that because we had already packed for a three-day camping trip and we had already driven three hours, we couldn't just give up and go home. Instead, I checked the map and saw that there was another state park just about 30 minutes southwest of where we were. We called them and rejoiced to find out that they had spots for Friday night! Sweet! We happily drove there, picked out a campsite, and set up camp. This park (Pokomoke River) was inland, so it didn't have nearly the amount of wind, and it was about ten degrees warmer! It was perfect.

Because we left Assateague so quickly, we had nearly the entire day to explore the park. There was a lovely river full of fisherpeople, a playground, a sand volleyball court (which substituted for the beach), a couple of hikes, and a little camp store that sold ice cream and soda. It was perfect. We couldn't have lucked out any better.

Making sand creatures on the volleyball court.

This hike was the highlight of the trip for the adults. It went through these crazy trees (which I'm kicking myself for not getting any shots of them) and then this marshland. Super cool. And super short which means my children didn't whine the entire time, just a lot of it.

Poor Ollie struggled to fall asleep. We put him and Rhett in the tent and sat quietly by the fire while we listened to them. Ollie kept sticking his little hand out of the tent and it was the funniest (saddest?) thing to see. When he finally fell asleep, we were surprised to find him in this position: hands covering eyes, face down in the pillow. Ha.

In the morning I set out Easter eggs all over the campsite. The eggs (more correct: the treats inside the eggs) sustained the boys (more correct: all of us) on the three-hour drive home.

As bummed as we were about not having a good experience at Assateague, it really ended up to be a great trip. And now we got to check off a park that we wouldn't have been so excited to visit (standard forest fare + three-hour drive? No thanks!) and we will definitely return to Assategue. As promised, lemonade!

P.S. Just in case you needed more proof on the conditions at Assateague, I give you this:

P.P.S. Just in case you needed to see how much better it was at Pokomoke River, I give you this:

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  1. Oh I just love this post. I'm so glad for lemonade! The hike looks crazy cool! Love that you hid easter eggs in the forest. Soooo cool. What a funny fallen-asleep Ollie! It really sounds like a great place to be at.