Tuesday, July 28, 2015

First (real) Camping Trip with the Scamp: Maryland State Park #13

We didn't wait long to schedule our first trip in the scamp. And after spending all the money we did on it, well, we better be using it pretty often. We picked Greenbrier State Park for our first real outing. (Unlike the fake one at Deep Creek Lake.) It is close (so we could do two nights and make it back in time for church), has a beach (for swimming and boat rentals), and miles of hiking trails. (Although with children like mine, mile of hiking trail would suffice.)

Me and my boys hiking the first night.

Ollie chose this strange position to eat his Teddy Grahams.

Rhett preferred this pose.

We forgot beach toys (whoops) and so didn't spend too much time on the beach. The boys opted for paddle boats because DUH. They don't have to do any of the work.

Hiking around camp.

Visiting (and stomping away angrily from) the Nature Shack.

On our second night, the boys' cousins camp to hang out with us! Hooray for family!

The park was super nice. However, if you ever plan to go there just for the day to swim in the lake, you have to get there pretty early to beat out the early birds. I took a morning run past the lake at 7:30 and at that time, all tables closest to the beach were taken. And by 10 a.m., the park was at capacity and wouldn't let anyone else in. Crazy!

Staying in the scamp was, of course, awesome. After a warm hike on Saturday, we lazed in the air-conditioned trailer. Cooling down in a tent would not have been as effective. And at night? Chuck and I were cold! In July! In Maryland! It defies logic. The boys slept in until 6:45 a.m. both mornings...again defying logic. Saturday night we had packed out camp, making our departure Sunday morning super quick.

We could have used beach toys, a longer tether for Bruno, fishing poles for the boys, "hiking power beans," and a couple of other things. In general though, we did okay. I could have done without some serious whining and Bruno. But I would definitely say it was a success! We're going to the "real" beach (aka, the "OCEAN") in a couple of weeks and we're all crazy excited.

Oh and feel free to share what you eat while camping. For some reason, I just can't get this right.


  1. Sounds awesome, especially the air conditioning!

  2. Um, it just looks awesome. So fun! Rhett looks like a little mini muscle man on the beach - must be all his swimming. :)

    Here was our backpacking dinner and everyone LOVED it and devoured it and there was nothing left: sliced up turkey kielbasa, chopped red potatoes, chopped fresh green beans. I poured a little olive oil over it all and some S&P. We put ours in a big foil and cooked it on our hot fire coals. Seriously, it was good.

  3. Cold at night, camping? Sounds like my life! ;) No really, this just sounds soooo good. It makes me miss MD so very much! I'm so happy you found your happy summer place!