Monday, February 1, 2016

Snowzilla, Part Even-I'm-Done-Talking-About-the-Snow

Sometimes when I'm cooped up for too long, I buy stuff. And sometimes I don't, but I want to. Like a snowblower. That sounds heavenly about now.

But we did, however, find on Craigslist one pair of nice snowshoes for the boys (to share). As soon as we brought them home, each boy tried them out. Rhett did better than Ollie, who had trouble keeping a wide enough stance and ended up tripping multiple times. But c'mon: how cute are these boys? I can't wait until another 30" drops at my house so we can go on a snowshoe date. Strike that: yes I can wait. At least until I have that snowblower and a place for all that extra snow.

P.S. Because Ollie's birthday is in the summer and he can't celebrate it at school, we're celebrating his half birthday this week. I made these to take to his preschool class. You'll have to count for yourself how many cubes of butter went into it. When coupled with almond extract means of course they'll be amazing.

P.P.S. Let the melting commence. Sunday was in the 50s, and temps are expected to remain that high through Wednesday, at which point we could even get thunderstorms. I could be trail running by Saturday--cross your fingers for me!

P.P.P.S. It's February!


  1. Aw, they are super cute! Yes, I totally get the wide-stance thing. It's hard for kids.

    Fun for the half-birthday - you're pretty good. They sound delicious, too.

  2. So glad you found fun ways to enjoy the snow!