Friday, May 27, 2016

Family Updates: The Boys

Ollie: The little man graduates from preschool today! Well, at least it's his last day of preschool. He finished strong; no more instances of me being pulled-aside after school to learn of his antics. Phew. I swear I had anxiety over whether or not this was going to happen at pick-up. Certainly he'll be young when he starts kindergarten, but let's be honest: Chuck started at age four and I was just barely five as well. He'll be fine. He still loves Piggie, but thankfully she's not required everywhere we go. He complains every night at dinner about what's being served (unless it's pizza, noodles, or something with syrup) until he takes a bite and then he's usually fine. He's very excited for the pool to open (tomorrow!).

Rhett: School doesn't end for three+ weeks, so we've still got time. May was his busiest month ever. He likes Scouts, unless it's pack meeting and then he HATES it. Ha. He has done two of six weeks of a tennis class and he's enjoying that as well. But man, this getting off the bus at 4:45 has just been hard. Even though we get stuff done in the mornings, it still feels very rushed in the evenings. If only they'd sleep past 6 a.m.; we could keep them up later! His spelling homework alone is a bit ridiculous. Oh well. I'm hoping homework will recede a bit as we get into June. He's also very excited for the pool to open. We'll see if that changes after daily swim team practice.

Chuck: He is pretty much the same. He took the boys on a Fathers and Sons campout last month. We felt the effects of late night/early morning for a couple of days. He's been busy with the stake youth conference taking place this weekend. So I won't really see him until Sunday. Awesome. And if school is winding down, so is his job. They hired some new staff to start in the fall and as one of them is his good friend, he's excited.

All of Us: We were disappointed when rain cancelled our camping trip in April, but even with the Scamp, it just wasn't worth it. We're going next month, so that's good. Our Germany trip is quickly approaching and the plans are really coming together! I can't believe how fast it's coming up. Which is a bummer because that means it will go by fast too. Lame. In prep for the trip, we've been listening to some German language podcast. It's hilarious, but hopefully a few words will be better than none. Our weather went from a chilly, wet spring to summer in about three days this week. I don't mind the chilly part, but the wet was starting to get old.

P.S. Happy anniversary to my parents! 49 years! Crazy.


  1. haha, all my kids enjoyed the updates. emmy thinks ollie is especially funny. :) i missed the one on you, though!

    love the candy gram. :)

  2. Ollie is ADORABLE. I'm tired just thinking about your Germany trip, but also VERY envious. 49 years??? That is IMPRESSIVE