Tuesday, July 12, 2016

One Reason (among the many) My Sister Should Come Visit More Often

Okay, so maybe I had some things to document.

Before trips, I like to clean the house. There's something amazing about coming home, tired from vacation, to a clean house. But cleaning before this trip was imperative because shortly after we come back, my sister and her crew arrive! So not only are we cleaning, but we're organizing too. We're getting rid of junk and even selling some stuff. I am so excited about the state of my house, I can barely stand it. However, the boys are a bit frustrated because as we clean each part of the house it then becomes off-limits. Ha. (Hence the bathrooms getting done the last minute possible.) But it's so worth it. If only we can keep it clean for those two days after we get back and before Emily comes. I think so. I anticipate that jet lag will leave us too tired to actually do anything!

1 comment:

  1. When will you force/help me to clean and organize my home?! :)

    Have fun and we're excited to see your clean home - but espeically the hubands!