Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Part 2

We left after rush-hour morning traffic, headed for a campsite in southern Virginia to break up the ten-hour drive. On the way, we drove past Natural Bridge State Park and the adults thought it was the perfect time for a move-your-body break. We loved it! Not sure we'd come this far just for it, but of course we'd stop on the way.

We did a two-mile hike to this waterfall.

Then it was back on the road again. That night we stayed in a U.S. Forest Service campground, which was nearly empty. We had an easy pull-through site near a river.

This is a "pretend you love each other" picture. We really enjoyed this little place. Dinner was delicious tacos on Doritos (Rhett's choice). We bought the cast iron skillet only days before the trip and loved using it on the campfire.

We got back on the road pretty early, knowing the campsites in the park were first-come, first-served. We had planned on doing a small hike that afternoon, but Plan A's hike was closed. So Plan B it was! And really, I think the boys preferred this. It was a relatively short hike to Grotto Falls. Clearly you can see why they loved it.

It's always fun to hike behind the falls.

This was NOT a "pretend-you-love-each-other" shot. More like an "act natural" kind of shot.

Dinner was this delicious pasta, again on the skillet over the fire. Good choice, me. Sorry my boys barely touched you.


  1. Oh man it already looks so great! It's beautiful - I mean, anything with a waterfall is just beautiful. That bridge thing is super awesome, too.

    That "pretend" picture of Ollie and Rhett is a little crazy as they appear to be the same height. :) I know they aren't . . .

    Dang, sorry the boys didn't love that pasta! It's delicious and easy, right?! Did "boys" include Chuck too?!

    And do I see you wearing Athleta pants? Did you get them? Do you love them?!

  2. Whoa, lots of exclamations and question marks in my comment!!?!??!