Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Set of Random Musings

Would it be gross to buy a wig at a thrift store and wear it?

When you hang up clothes, which direction do they face?

Is it just me, or is Bed, Bath, and Beyond becoming gaudier and gaudier? All that "As See on TV" stuff is not doing them any favors, at least in my book.

Why do I continue to pay for Thomas-brand English muffins when, in my opinion, the store brand muffins are better? They seem to come apart into two more-even halves than the name brand and may be slightly heavier.


  1. huh, interesting. i think wearing a wig would be gross. but, then again, i'd probably buy a costume wig for my kids and have them wear it.

    my clothes face left.

    i would not know about BB&B since i have not been in one in years.

    um, yeah, so why do you still buy the thomas-brand? i don't get that.

  2. wig thing - WAY GROSS, erin!

    my clothes face left, but, in my girls shard closet, Allison's clothes are on the right and face left, Claire's clothes are on the left and face right.

    I was actually in a BB&B this morning and was actually looking for an as seen on tv thing! funny. I thought, for sure BB&B would have it.

    I'm really not sure about the english muffin thing. that just doesn't seem like you. perhaps sub con. you do it just for that reason...