Monday, January 26, 2009

TANFFG Questions Revealed!

First, thanks to everyone who played. Regarding the question I posed to you about me, would I rather be cold or wet? Hands down cold. I used to think I could live in Seattle. HA. Turns out I hate being wet, whether it be beach wet, rain wet, shower wet--it's all the same, i.e. it's all miserable. When you're cold, you can at least put on layers. (The other day, I had on FOUR on the top. It was cold here!) But when you're wet, you're wet and cold and it's horrible. Good job everyone.

To Living in Tally's "Mashed v. Baked Potatoes": You'd rather have a mashed potato. Baked potatoes are more sophisticated, but mashed taste better. Besides, Bacon Bits taste better on mashed.

To emily's "Mint Chocolate Chip v. Chocolate Ice Cream": Chocolate. You tried to trick me, but I know how much you love chocolate these days.

To Nicole's "Sew v. Cross-stitch": Cross-stitch. You like being able to sit and relax yet keep semi-busy.

To Megan's "Back Scratched v. Rubbed": Rubbed. Of course there's a difference between the two. For me, I only want a scratch. But I think maybe you get scratched because it's easier for the scratcher but you require more.

To Gretchen's "Time at Bookstore v. Time at Nordstrom": I think I have to say Nordstrom. But this is the most of unsure response of them all. And the only (pitiful) reason I chose this is because I know you don't typically buy books, you only rent them from the library. Maybe this is mincing words, but it's all I have.

To Sandra's "Repeat labor v. Repeat newborn stage": I'll guess labor. But this requires a post of its own. Stay tuned.

How did I do? I'm guessing not well, but thanks for letting me try.


  1. I'm sad that I missed this round of the all new friendly friend game. I'm definitely out of practice. I love Sandra's "repeat labor v. repeat newborn stage". That's a good one.

  2. Ok so to be honest, I wasn't quite sure, so I was thinking about it. I think I might rather sew, because in a way, the possibilities are endless with sewing, whereas cross stitch is always generally an image used in the same way-framed. But I do like both!

  3. got ya. i would rather have mint chocolate chip. as much as i love chocolate, i do not like it as plain ice cream, nor as an ice cream base. but i'd definitely eat both.

  4. You are good! Yes, I would go through labor again, even a third time instead of repeating the newborn stage. I think this stage lasted for nine months for us... he just wouldn't sleep.

  5. You are totally RIGHT!! I would definitely spend more time shopping at Nordstroms than a bookstore precisely because I don't really buy books. Now if it had been a Nordstroms and a Library that might have been a toss up. Fortunately, those two establishments are in completely different financial demographics and will therefore never be in the same strip mall (lucky me!)

    Good job e!

  6. I absolutely prefer a mashed potato! Good job, E!