Saturday, June 6, 2009

Made by e

First is a set of gifts for a new little one.  Chuck designed the monster doll; I just sewed it.  The onesies are a little cryptic on purpose, but I'll let you in on the secret.  "EH" are the new baby's initials (and darn fine initials if I say so myself).  And the other is the sign of the zodiac, taurus, that this new baby is.  Hey, the baby's mama is into that stuff, aren't you Angie?!  I gotta say, I love doing appliques with fabric instead of the iron-ons.  The iron-ons didn't last more than two washings.  Bah.

Second is a new tablecloth.  Chuck scored 18 bandanas after last weekend's youth conference and I knew I had to find something fun to do with them.  I think the tablecloth will be perfect when we have friends over; it's casual and bright and happy, even if a little like Tibetan prayer flags.

And just in case you forgot, I made this dude too.  He's my favorite.

And oh my goodness, I made these and they are the Best. Chocolate. Chip. Cookie. Ever.  Seriously.


  1. Ohhh i am so stealing this picture to put on my blog, all in good intentions as i went to take a pic of e bean's AWESOME gifts and my camera battery was dead. thus the need to steal in order to let everyone know of your fantastic talents faster than waiting for a charge. and you know i especially love the zodiac onesie, i meant to tell you in my email. i am impressed with chucks designing skills, send him my thanks.

    also love the table cloth, so colorful! i bet you could sell a couple of those easy.

    that little boy is very cute. you do good work, any chance you sell those as well? just kidding, i'm busy enough right now.

    wishing i could eat chocolate...

  2. your 3rd creation is the best, of course. but i love, love the stuff you made. i wish we could live closer so i could get all your help! you might be re-creative, then i'm re-re-creativ.

    i love seeing rhett in my little boys' clothing. make me smile so much. i can't wait to see that kiddo.

  3. nice design, Chuck!!! love the gifts and I'm glad you finally said, "Hey, the baby's mama is into that stuff, aren't you Angie?!" I was beginning to think you were already preggo and this was your coming out post :)