Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

I hadn't planned on posting anything today. In fact, I would prefer to post something totally un-Christmasy. Not because I'm a Scrooge, but just because I like to be different. (I'm such a brat, right?)

But I love this picture of my little family too much. I love my little family too much! And I love how Bruno eased his way into the photo shoot totally unnoticed until I was looking at the pictures on the computer.

And this one's great because the binoculars were Rhett's favorite gift of the day. And my favorite gift was watching Rhett play with them! Isn't Christmas so great with little kids? It is.

And that Bruno. Always in the midst of the action.


  1. blech at being different - i want more christmas pictures! but those 2 your posted are pretty wonderful. i love your dress; you look really pretty. and the binoculars are awesome.

  2. I love your little family too! That is a great picture!

    Your post about baby weight loss has totally got me motivated! I ordered some of the Jillian dvds and I am determined to do them!

  3. Bruno is an awesome dog!! Looks like Christmas was a great success at your home! Rhett is so cute with the binoculars! Way to go!

  4. I love your family picture!! I am posting mine as we speak and I'm thinking why was I so dumb that I didn't get a family picture? Duh! So I'm jealous that you have one and that it's totally adorable.

    Love the binoculars!