Monday, December 5, 2011

A Four-Month-Old Ollie!

Four months! We're that much closer to two years old! (I know, I know; I'm supposed to cherish these baby times because "they grow up so fast." Not true in my house; these days are sloooow.) But oh how we love this baby. We love him almost as much as he loves putting his little baby fists in his mouth and rolling onto his belly.

So far, so good. Sure, we'd love it if he slept through the night like Rhett did at this age, but it could be worse. He could be night-waking AND not taking great naps during the day. So we'll keep our reality, thank-you-very-much. The little one is definitely a solid daytime napper, even quickly adjusting his schedule so that nap #2 coincides perfectly with Rhett's nap. And he's going to bed at 7, which also happens to be Rhett's bedtime. Slowly but surely, we're returning to our lives, but with an additional member whom we love all the way to Pluto (and back to Earth, and then back to Pluto, and then back to Earth, and then back to Pluto, and then...).

Length: 24 1/3" (25th percentile)
Weight: 13 lbs. 11 oz. (25th percentile)

P.S. My parents check into the MTC today! Awesome! Goodbye parents! See you in 18 months!


  1. so he's just too cute. he's looking so "old."

    and i know what you mean - the days are loooong. but, funny, it always seemed like the days would take forever, but the weeks would fly by. i know, makes no sense. but, come on, how can it already be december?!

    give rhett and ollie and hug and kiss from auntie-em. :)

  2. What??? Today??? I can NOT believe that. They will be AMAZING. WOW.

    CUTE CUTE CUTE Ollie. I hear ya, I LOVE/CRAVE routines too, especially when it comes to sleep!!

  3. yahoo so cool about your parents and HAPPY 4 months, OLLIE!!! :) :) I looooove that baby smile with the tongue showing. oh man babies!

  4. is that an extra long tuft of hair that i spy on top? love it!