Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas from Us!

We're having a great time (except for when we're not) with everyone out of work and school. Mostly it's been okay and the boys haven't killed each other, so I consider that a success! Here's what you've missed since I haven't been blogging:

ULTRA-warm first day of winter meant Great Falls

Christmas Eve gingerbread houses and partying with friends

Christmas morning presents (and air heads in mouths)

Christmas brunch with cousins

New Christmas clothes from grandparents

I go back to work on Tuesday, but it's okay because Wednesday is another holiday!

P.S. Rhett's reaction after opening his nutcracker gift from Ollie. Seriously that boy could not love nutcrackers any more.

P.P.S. Today is our anniversary. Nine years! Time to get serious planning that 10th anniversary trip.


  1. Oh man, those are some great pictures. Looks like some fun times happened!

    That last picture, though?! One of my all-time favs. So cute! And that is so interesting that he just loves nutcrackers. . . remind me and I will quill him one for next year or something like that.

    It all looks awesome!

  2. So fun. I agree with Emily. The last picture is so stinking cute! You should have it framed :) really.