Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Molecules of Misery

Because it's me, it's time for some complaining about my rotten children. I happen to have two boys who, when separated, are fun, silly boys. But when together, WHOO BOY. Watch out. If you see the two of them together, RUN the other way. I do. Well, at least I really, really want to.

If I'm being totally honest, they're not all bad. After they wake up, but before they're allowed out of bed in the morning, they seem to play well together. But as soon as their bedroom door is opened and until it is closed at 7 p.m., our lives are miserable. The sad thing is that alone, each boy is pretty good. Once Rhett is at school, Ollie and I have a good time. And if Ollie is napping, Rhett can be nice and cooperative. But something about their molecules just create an atomic bomb when they're in the same room.

Here is a small, but representative, sample of the things they currently fight over:
Who gets to sit in the new chair at the kids' table
Who gets to look at the back of the cereal box during breakfast
Whose choice of show we watch first
Who gets to play with the toy neither has played with in months
Who gets the in-tact toy that remains after its twin was broken by a boy
Which book we'll read first at book time
What punishment should be doled after one bites/slaps/hits/punches the other

I know this is totally normal stuff for siblings to fight over. I know it. But man, living it? Awful.

P.S. Caitlin, I loved your idea that I named "Snowflakes of Service." Unfortunately I have spent all my energy this month fighting boys (see above). But it's on my calendar for next year, should they miraculously start getting along.

P.P.S. Speaking of calendars, to save money, I thought I'd try a new planner this year. It should be in the mail as you read this, and I'm
soooo excited for it!


  1. bummer about those boys. but at least you like them single. :) that's gotta count for something! "it's a phase." just suffer through it, i guess.

    and, yes, it all sounds completely normal for siblings. but, yes, that doesn't make it any more bearable.

  2. No words of wisdom, mine still fight:(

  3. someday they'll LOVE each other. i have to remind myself of this as my boys 10/7 are still at each others throats. oh my GOODNESS. i feel for you.

  4. My kids fight over the cereal box too! And pretty much everything else you listed. And its the same here too. Together my girls are a force to be reckoned with!

  5. ugh, don't I know it! I was thinking just yesterday how sad I was that I have almost no alone time with Annelise because when Henry isn't around, she sure is a lot of fun.

    For some reason I thought getting new Christmas toys would lessen the fighting somewhat, but it's only given them new things to fight over. yuck.

  6. I hear ya! Same story at my house most of the time ;)