Monday, December 23, 2013

Only in Zion

Each Friday Rhett brings home the work he did in school during the week. We briefly look through it and talk about it. But this one caught my eye. He didn't get an the highest grade and when I looked to see why, I saw that he had switched "Adult" with "Elder." When I asked him why he switched them, this is what he said: "Well, when boys are missionaries, they are called elders. After that they turn into adults." Sure makes sense to Mormons!

P.S. And no, this post is not at all related to Christmas. What of it?


  1. wow, that is just so great - i totally love it. so funny!

  2. AND the elder is wearing a suit. Sounds like a pretty smart kid to me!

    ALSO Traci Jane says, "I like that dog with the crown on it." (talking about the Bruno pic in the sidebar). Happy Christmas to you guys!!!!

  3. Hey, why did you change the title? I like them both, just curious. . . :)

  4. Love it! M's weekend writing was about missionaries coming over for dinner. The teacher said most kids write about the same thing (e.g. I went to the park) but hers was definitely unique!