Monday, September 1, 2014

Thoughts on the Pool

After having access to a pool for one month, I feel totally qualified to talk about what it's like to be a pool member. First the pros. Both boys became so much more comfortable in water when we went every day. We've done swim lessons in the past, but going only once a week for six times just doesn't do it. But going every day, six days a week for a month did. At the beginning of the month, Rhett wouldn't even put his face under the water. And now? He's just this close to actually swimming. Another pro is that there is a community there. You see the same people every day, and I'm sure if it were swim team time, that would be even more so. It was fun to meet new people. Another pro is that it fills up the hot, lazy afternoons. Well, had we had any hot afternoons, it would have filled them up. And of course, I got a little bit tanner than my usual color of "eggshell."

The cons of the pool are that first, having a kid who still naps means we didn't get to the pool until about 3:30 each day. Which means we didn't get home until 5:30ish. Which means dinner was late. Which means bedtime was late. Which means I'm not happy. Also, pool hair is gross. But I felt little desire to do anything about it because I knew it was just going to get gross again the next day. Also, make up is pointless, so I just looked really old during all of August.

By the end of the month, I am ready for it to be over. Next year, instead of paying the ridiculous fees to join for the entire summer, maybe we'll just do August again.


  1. Well analyzed! Good plan for next summer.

  2. Super awesome pictures and videos. Love it. Rhett will be swimming in no time. :) Yay for him. Did you see the progress we made with Miles? He swam the width of the pool, at the deep end, twice on Monday. Whoa. :)

  3. makes me want to join a community pool. I remember the fees being CRAZY high to join!!