Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer Wrap-Up

Today is Monday was the last first day of school and, being the planner I am (and boy am I a planner!), I've been gathering gathered summer ideas for some time. Because of my work and our vacation, I have 25 days with both boys until school starts again. Update! Here's the review on how we did:

Make-It Days
Crafternoons: Nope didn't do. I'm terrified of crafts with the boys for two reasons: (1) Ollie and (2) Rhett will never let me throw away anything that he makes.
Treats: We made plenty of yummy things.
Popsicles: No popsicles, but we did make some homemade ice cream. I think that counts.
Lemonade stand: No, but am thinking of doing a "cider stand" in the fall.
Science: Nope.

Water Play
Backyard baby pool: Yep.
Water table: Yep.
Sprinkler: Maybe?
Community pool: Yep.
Splashground: Yep.
Water park: Yep.
Boating: Nope.
Creek swimming: Yep.

Big Field Trips
Smithsonians: I think we did one and then I realized those need to be saved for when tourists go home.
Washington Monument: Yep.
Aviation museum: Yep.
BounceU: Yep.
Great Falls: Yep. I think.
Roosevelt Island: Nope.
Gravelly Point: Yep, but with disastrous results.
Zoo: Yep.
Berry picking: Yep.
Beauvoir Park: Nope.
Cunningham Falls: Nope.

Little Field Trips
Libraries: Yep.
Playgrounds: Yep.
Hikes: Yep.
Picnics: Yep.
Nature centers: Nope.
Wheaton Regional Park and train: Yep.
Michael's craft days: Nope.
Regal Movies: Yep.
Fire house tour: Nope.

Night-time Activities
Rockville Town Square on Wednesdays and Fridays: Yep.
Strathmore concerts: Nope.
Bethesda Big Train baseball: Yep.

Silly holiday: Yep.
County fair: Yep.
4th of July in Frederick: Nope, but we had a better offer in D.C.
Acts of Service: Nope.
Playdates: Yep.

Things I Didn't Plan but Did
Hains Point: Yep.
Hershey: Yep.
Fort McHenry: Yep

Other Things I Wish We Did
Buy ice cream from the ice cream truck, just once
Gone camping, just once

I must be honest: I really, really enjoyed being home with both boys this summer. I was super nervous, but D.C. had incredible weather with only one day over 100 degrees and lower-than-normal humidity. I kept my early-morning running schedule, played with the boys, put Rhett into longer-than-planned quiet times because I was just too tired to entertain him, but we had a good time. And don't worry, they had plenty of down time too. There were lots of hours spent making huge messes in the playroom and basement. I think they're happy boys!

P.S. Also, Ollie is nuts. But omygosh I like him.

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  1. he's just hilarious. both your boys are. i love it!

    i think you did pretty superb with your list. nice job. sounds like a super fun summer.

    so i heard we've had the 3rd coldest august on record. it's been cool and rainy this month - totally crazy. walking to school this morning it was 50 degrees. i'll take it! glad your weather was kind to you, too.

    P.S. so the ice cream truck came around a few times - but like right at dinner. lame. one or 2 of my kids got something.

    oh, a cider stand sounds fun, too! do it!