Friday, October 31, 2014

A Non-Halloween Post on Halloween

How can I post about Halloween until it's actually happened? So I can't. I won't. But I will talk about my cell phone.

On Wednesday I was at Target. I was talking to a friend when I pulled out my phone to send a quick text because I was meeting another friend. When Friend A saw my phone she said, "What century is this?! What is that?!" She was, of course, referring to my ancient cell phone. Which isn't actually all that ancient, but the fact that it's not a smartphone makes it appear so. She then asked if she needs to buy me an iPhone (to which I should have answered YES).

But the fact is that I don't want a smartphone. Two days a week I sit at a computer. The other days, when I'm home, my computer is always on and I can check email or look up something quickly if I need to. But if I'm out doing something with the boys, why do I need it? I survived this long without having the world at my fingertips, I'm pretty sure I can keep it up a few more years (or decades). And I still have a regular cell phone. If I absolutely need something, I can call Chuck or my sister and have them look it up for me. See? Maybe my dumbphone isn't so dumb after all.

Plus, there's the thing about the cost. Sure, you can get the phones cheap, but man, those monthly plans are monsters (at least for the iPhones). I spend about $15 a month on my dumbphone. Could we afford a smartphone for me? Sure. But that money has to come from somewhere, and choosing between my retirement or a smartphone is an easy choice. Kidding! Of course I'd take money from the boys' college educations. I'm not going to rob my retirement.

I think the only embarrassing thing about this situation is that both of my parents have iPhones (even if the only thing they do with them is make calls). To balance that, my sister doesn't even have a cell phone. I know; we're a weird family.

P.S. If I was any good at Photoshop, I'd put my face in there instead of Zach's.

Annie is on Amazon Instant video. I totally forgot that Daddy Warbucks' name is Oliver! "I'll call you Ollie, my hot tamale." This is going to be used a lot in our house from now on.

P.P.P.S. To get in the Halloween spirit, Chuck and I watched a couple "Tales From the Crypt" this week. I love that show.


  1. haha, i totally remember how much you love tales from the crypt. glad you and chuck got to enjoy some!

    we watched annie a few months - love it, of course, :) i'm going to be saying that all day now, "I'll call you Ollie, my hot tamale." it's so great - even better, though, if you have an ollie in your home.

    dang, you totally should have photoshopped it.

    what kind of phone do you have? it's not a flip-phone, right? like i would know, though. are iphones different from smartphones? i love that you are still a little old-school. :)

  2. Dumb phones, but smart people. Does that work? I like to think that I fall into the smart people category. I still have my basic phone. I do however want a smartphone at some point. I've played with Jeff's phone enough and it would come in handy. I currently carry a GPS, cell phone, and occasionally my Kindle. It takes up plenty of room in my purse! I've had my GPS lead me astray enough times to want to be able to check an address or google map while on the go. In one situation, I couldn't reach Jeff and had to wander around until I found my way. Not good! I also would love to be able to price check an item and see if it's cheaper on Amazon or someplace else while I'm shopping. I'd love to be able to read my scriptures while waiting somewhere without having to add more weight to my purse. It would also be cool to have an app that tracks my pace when I run (when that happens!) without needing yet another device! I'd love to have digital lists instead of paper ones too. I would also like to have my calendar available to look at while scheduling appointments. I use google calendar at home on my laptop.

    I do NOT want a phone for games! It drives me nuts seeing adults playing games! Last summer we rented a beach house in NC with my siblings. I could not believe how much time everyone spent playing games and wasting time on their phones. Jeff and I just sat there thinking, "uh, shouldn't we be talking to each other or playing a real game together since we haven't all been together in years?!"

    Long comment. Clearly, this should is better discussed in person.

  3. Oh! This is so great. Especially since your parents have iPhones. Star lists so me of my very favorite reasons to have a smart phone. Except my smart phone has no sound. Or people can't hear me. So I have to use blacktooth headphones. I think THAT'S dumb. Drives me nuts. I need to up my smartphone.

  4. I just upgraded a couple of months ago. We only made the plunge because we found out we could upgrade for cheaper than we were paying for our plan at the time, and I had a used iPhone that someone had given me. So it was pretty much at no cost to us. It hasn't honestly been all that life changing, since all of the apps and calendar and everything else that a smartphone could do I was doing on my iPod touch anyway. It has come in handy a few times for the maps when I'm on the go, and searching for coupons online while I'm in-store. And texting and sending photos and videos is now easier than it was on my dumb phone. But, if you don't need/want one, I say hold off for as long as you can. Luddites FTW!

  5. And I love this story about Liz. So funny! She cracks me up.