Friday, October 10, 2014

The New Bet

I don't know how it is in your house, but if there are treats in mine, they're about the only thing I can think of. I know how pathetic that sounds. I do. But raising kids is hard and I don't drink alcohol, so sweets it is. I love them. Chuck, on the other hand, loves and craves soda. As quickly as it's in the house, it's out of the house. We both go through our vices with lightning speed.

So I thought of this bet: Who can go without their respective vice the longest? Chuck, of course, is certain he'll win. Me, I'm not so sure. I know how often he stops in at Safeway for that Mountain Dew, even though he doesn't know I know. And he probably doesn't know how often I take a break at work to get a 25-cent box of Hot Tamales from the hot dog vendor. So don't tell him.

But we can't figure out what the winner gets. I wanted a night in a hotel. I don't even care where; Gaithersburg would be fine. (And locals, you know how exotic Gaithersburg is.) But to sleep in a bed all by myself and to wake up when my body wants me to wake up sounds amazing. But I'm still not sure. And Chuck, well, anything that boy wants is at least $400, so it's hard to please him. Ideas? What would you want?

P.S. I've been sick all week and am so over it. Please let this be my one and done for the winter. Because birthing babies + a serious cough = well, nothing good; am I right mamas?

P.P.S. Has anyone else watched "Flight of the Conchords" on Amazon? I must find others with whom I can laugh over this show.


  1. Love this! I eat sweets pretty much every day during quiet time. A few years back Jeff and I did a no sugar thing for the month of October, you know when you have Halloween candy sitting in the house. It obviously didn't change my life.

    As for being sick of being sick... I HEAR YA! I've had 1 cold and 1 throat/cough thing (still ongoing) since school started. I am sick of being sick too! Jeff is sick of me being sick.

    And in fact, I'm actually pretty sick of school. Getting 3 kids age 5 out the door by 7:40 is killing me, especially when a certain oldest child spends 25 minutes changing his mind about his clothes, even though they were picked out the night before or when the same oldest child spends 10 minutes in the bathroom and still hasn't put toothpaste on his toothbrush. Or when a certain 3 year old is screaming at the top of her lungs at 5:45 in the morning because she can't get her tights on just right. Good stuff.

    I'm just tired.

  2. crazy month to do no sweets - so is it no sweets at all, or just a certain type of candy? pretty fun bet, though.

    i see nothing wrong with a night at the hotel. if that's what you want, then do it! sorry, i don't know for chuck!

    being sick is the pits. i am in the habit now of crossing my legs (even when standing/walking) whenever i feel a sneeze coming on. so i get ya. :)

    hopefully you're better today!

  3. Oh! Love this! First of all, so good to know I'm not alone. As for the win: I say the night in the hotel sounds fabulous. Totally do-able. Is there some crazy ~$100 computer/console game that Chuck could like enough to want to win it?

    Also, I so want to have this kind of competition with Marc... but what are his vices? Buying expensive cheeses? Eating salad? Grrrrr....

    So, so sorry you're sick. That's EXHAUSTING. I guess that wedding party did you in.

    Lastly, I hate to say it, but I think Chuck might win. Not because he has more will power than you per se, but I think because he will encounter fewer breaking/tipping point moments. Like crises with the kids, or well... anything kid related. Also, I feel like a lot of 'addictions' or vices are emotionally driven and hey, I buy into the biological/gender argument that women are more emotional. We are more invested, have more to lose, and are therefore more susceptible to these kinds of things. Do you really think you're equally yoked in terms of 'addiction' or PASSION in your vice? Or is it just a lazy habit of his to run in and buy a soda? I dunno. I HOPE you win though!!!

  4. Oh! and I love FOTC! I mean, I like the few YouTube clips I've seen of their stuff and LOVE their Foux de fa fa song... LOVE IT. Marc and I always try to reenact their bicycling scene in that. So thanks for the heads up! I'll look them up on Amazon!

  5. I love both sweets AND soda, what does that say about me?! yikes. But why do you have to give up your vices? Unless they are crippling in some way, I say you gotta have something to get you through the tough times. But good luck. It is an admirable goal, and fun to make a contest out of it! I would also looove a night in a hotel...amazing.

    flight of the conchords...I haven't watched anything of theirs in ages! but now that I know it's on amazon maybe we will. Occasionally one of us will bust out singing one of their songs..."business time" or "frodo, don't wear the ring" are a couple of my faves. Sooo funny.