Monday, October 6, 2014

Pumpkin Day

Remember when Pumpkin Day came around and I made shirts for the boys and we ate only things made from pumpkin? Yeah, it's evolving out of that. Thankfully the boys' pumpkin shirts from previous years still fit, and we get good enough treats to not miss the pumpkin. Besides, I don't think pumpkin soup is all that good, and it's the only savory pumpkin thing I can think to make.

Now pumpkin day is the day where we go to the pumpkin "patch." Why the quotes? The place we've gone two years in a row has so many other ridiculous activities to keep us busy pretty much all day; I'm not going to complain. Except about the apple cider donuts. I wish they had been warm. Otherwise, perfect day.

Whoops. Didn't notice Ollie's snaps were undone. Sorry Ollie!

Using those skills he learned at the family reunion.

I love this picture so much.

We did pick pumpkins from the vine, but I couldn't resist the solid orange.

My littles and I.

We went earlier in the season than we've ever gone. We were rewarded with GORGEOUS pumpkins everywhere. Seriously.

Kinda fun having a kid big enough to take pictures of us. Kinda fun having clean, blow-dried hair on a non-Sunday. Kinda not fun brushing it after a day filled with wind.

And at the end of the day, I think they were tired.


  1. okay, those are some of the best pictures. that first one is so great - they are all so happy! love it. i think you need to put that one of rhett and corn into a canvas or some frame or something. it's just too awesome to not have an actual print of it! you and chuck look superb. :) love the unsnapped pants of ollie - hahaha!

    looks like a really, really fun day. i know what you mean, though, we skipping out on all that pumpkin stuff - sometimes it's fun, other times, less can be more.

    do you use my pumpkin soup recipe? cuz all my kids love it. so if you don't, i'll share this one. :)