Friday, November 14, 2014

Being an Adult is Lame

I'm sure I've discussed this before, but man, sometimes (most of the time), being an adult is soooo lame. And one of the biggest, most-overrated parts of being an adult is homeownership. Don't get me wrong; I'm not about to sell my house an move into a rental. But sometimes (most of the time), I just wish we had never bought a house. I feel like Chuck and I end up making bad choices when it comes to repairs. Putting in the window well caused floods when we get tons of rain, the porch has bits of paint that are chipped already, the refaced cabinets are peeling in one spot. UGH. And the latest: our basement shower. I'm still pretty worked up over the whole thing, but let's just say that I won't be purchasing any more home improvement Groupons/Livingsocials/whatever. However, I will say that the shower looks better. Too bad I'm afraid to actually use it.


AFTER (as if I needed to say it)

We think (hope) most of our problems in that shower are due to the humidity. There's a fan in the room, but it doesn't do enough. So we bought a small dehumidifier and hope that will help. Also, because that shower is super tiny and we have a standard shower curtain (which therefore is always really folded), I'm going to cut it in half so the moisture doesn't just hang out in all the creases. And then hopefully we won't have to do this again in five years.


  1. well at least it looks way good and way better! but what's the problem? so sorry. and, please, just come to our house - then you'd feel better. you're a way better homeowner than we are. :)

  2. Nice improvement! We have cut our shower curtains in half (from Ikea - cheap inner liner!) for years! It does help with the humidity.
    And yes, your boring portrayal of home ownership and the onerous tasks that come with it have safely helped to keep me and Marc contented (mostly) with being renters well into our 40s. :D [insert chump smile]

  3. Well, at least you now know which structures to avoid in the future, such as the window well. You should have some form of catchment, though, to ensure that the floods are routed away from the foundations of your home, as well as your water supply. Good luck!

    Sharon Strock @ StormChamber