Monday, November 10, 2014

Funny-to-Me Things My Kids Say

Poor Rhett was sooo excited to try on his suit and just couldn't imagine why the sleeves came to his elbows! Poor growing boy.
Rhett, in tears: Mom...what's happening with my suit???

I don't even remember what I did to deserve this...
Ollie: When you turn into a nice mom, then we can have balloons and new balls.
I guess I probably didn't give him balloons or new balls.

Looking at picture of me when I was seven...
Ollie: Why do you look different? I mean, why do you have a different face?

Clearly not understanding how it works...
Ollie: What if on your first birthday you turned 65?

Clearly not understanding how it works, part two...
Ollie: When I turn two, I will get the slide back.

After getting a whiff of a very smelly diaper...
Me: Ugh, Ollie you stink!
Ollie: That's right. I'm just like a skunk!

Heard from the bedroom during quiet time...
Ollie: I'm not a ka-nig-it!
You know, like "knight" but not?


  1. funny-to-me-too. love them all! so funny! his snow-suit - is that what rhett is talking about?

    i also love the picture!

  2. Awesomeness. And that picture! What is that?!? It is too awesome.