Monday, November 24, 2014

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?

Why is it that the color of candy that I like the best is always the one that is represented the least? My life is HARD. If we're talking little-kid candy (you know, the only kind worth eating), I almost always prefer the reds and the pinks. But the other day when Chuck surprised me with a bag of flavored Tootsie Rolls, I was shocked (SHOCKED I tell you) at the lack of representation by my favorites.

For proof, I give you this simulated graph (and no, it being simulated does NOT take away from its validity). Notice the dearth of pinks. Tragedy.

P.S. Maybe some of you out there actually like the lime runts? Or the yellow and green Skittles? Maybe you'd be interested in a trade? All my green and yellow candies for your red and pinks?


  1. no, i'm not a fan of the lime runts. i don't mind yellow and green skittles, though.

    but BLUE tootsie rolls are the best! seriously, i love them so! i wonder why, though, there are the most green and yellow. i would highly doubt those are the favs. so it would seem they are the cheapest ones and so thus the most? but why would they be the cheapest?

    so interesting. :)

  2. oh my goodness Erin, you crack me up. First of all...I have never thought about this at all. Mostly because I never eat candy that isn't chocolate. So I don't even know what my favorite flavors/colors are of anything. I did notice the other day though as Henry and Weezy and I were counting M&Ms that the blues were seriously underrepresented.

    Maybe red dye is more expensive than the other colors??

  3. This is why we are friends! Give me all your lime and purple runts my dear! Also to solveig the blue m and ms are terrible.... Please bring back light brown! And also I want your green and purple skittles.... And now I want candy... Like now!