Wednesday, December 3, 2014


This year, we started our Thanksgiving celebrations on Thanksgiving Eve. Taking a page from my friend Kathy's book, we ate a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner: pretzels, toast, jelly beans, and popcorn. You know, all the four food groups. Thursday, we did a Thanksgiving dinner with friends and it was, as expected, really fun.

The company, of course.
The food, of course.
We made our first turkey, so maybe we're full-fledged adults now?
I remembered to use my china! I got it from my grandma, and I never remembered to use it before now.
The projects! I made napkins, napkin "rings," a table runner, two centerpieces, and Mayflower ships for the kids' table.
All three women walking around with cameras taking pictures of the food.
All seven "big kids" (sans one baby) happily playing with parents happily ignoring.
Having it all cleaned up by 8:30 and being asleep by 9:30.

None! Oh, maybe being in such a rush right at before we ate that Chuck forgot to change his shirt before eating. But if that's the worst, then it was pretty darn good.


  1. Oh my goodness! Lovely! Looks like a party! And the table decor was beautiful, Erin! I never doubted, of course. We missed you all!

    Also, brown hair! Last pic! Right? I sense a project coming on... Erin! Let's dye your hair brown! Like brown brown!

  2. love, love, love! it looks amazing and sound wonderful! yay! the low-light for me was that i wasn't there!

  3. I loved it! Such a fun Thanksgiving! Thanks again for hosting, and that table was beautiful!