Monday, December 1, 2014

First, the Important Stuff

Sure, we just finished Thanksgiving. Sure, I have some fun pictures. BUT way more pressing is this:

Chuck and I are running "A Christmas Story" movie-house run on Saturday. (Cousin Melissa, if you're reading, feel free to stop and move on to something far more interesting to you.) But because we've been so busy with Thanksgiving plans, I put forth no time or effort in preparing for this race. Sure, we've both been running, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about our costumes. What should we wear? Any good ideas for quick, easy, and cheap things we could do to make ourselves more festive? Or maybe something for the boys, (seeing as though we'll be pushing them in a stroller)? You know, our two little versions of Ralphie and Randy? Help!

P.S. These boys are ridiculous. I hate when this is the best shot you get, you know? I might actually miss 12:30 church just a little; it'll mean less time to whip up new ties before church.


  1. I already gave you my ideas, right? Black lace tights. A skirt with some type of fringe lace sewed on to the bottom. Just make Ollie a pink bunny hat. And wrap up Rhett in a big ol scarf. Or do nothing and just enjoy the awesomeness of the race! So excited for ya. :)

    1. but that sounds like a lot of work! and cleveland is COLD!