Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The End of an Era

That's it. We no longer will be buying diapers, something we've done for over six years. Whoa.

How did it happen? Chuck and I have been talking to Ollie about it for months. He knew it was coming and on the day before Thanksgiving, we started. Why Thanksgiving? We knew we'd be home the entire weekend and thought it would be a nice early Christmas present to ourselves. I mean, why ruin Christmas?!

I begin with a parenting fail number 1: In order to get Ollie to recognize when he needed to go to the bathroom, we filled him with Gatorade. This led to about a zillion accidents. Whoops. It got better once we dehydrated him. (Not really.) But the first day went okay.

Parenting fail number 2: We put diapers on him for nighttime, because, duh. When he woke up and we tried to get underwear on him, it did not go well. Poor buddy had a massive tantrum. Finally underwear won, and we decided never to put diapers on him again for fear we'd never get them off. Thursday (Thanksgiving) was really hard. Chuck and I were both preoccupied with the holiday duties and didn't want much to do with potty training. And come Friday morning I was ready to quit and wait until Christmas.

Parenting success number 1: Chuck convinces me to keep at it and we do. And Friday was so much better! We learned that Ollie was not the kind of kid who takes well to bathroom trips every time a timer goes off. So once we accepted that and let him take the lead, he did. He did really well and we were feeling much better about the whole thing. And since then, every day has gotten better. He usually waits until the last minute, but tells us when he has to go and then runs off to take care of it himself. There was the time when I had to run two errands. I had him go to the bathroom right before we left (and he went), but at the first store he had to go again (a lot), and then again at our second stop. Oh the joy.

So overall, things are going well. Except with poo. Why is it kids don't want to do this on a toilet? Last Wednesday was particularly bad and I was so frustrated. Unlike his brother, Ollie has no problem doing it in his underwear. But while in Cleveland, Ollie had a great experience, and it's been better since then. Phew.

So, in the end, of course it's totally worth it. Plus, I still kinda like little boy bums in underwear. Sorry; it had to be said.


  1. SOOOOO awesome! I'm not looking forward to having 2 in diapers again.

  2. that's so super great for everyone! i love undie-buns. my fav. to squeeze! although i don't do that my boys . . . really, only Lucy.

  3. We are ALSO in this process!!! We went back and forth for a while but finally I think we're good on peeing in the toilet and wearing underwear all day for good. We just have to PAY attention because sometimes he's just holding his penis and we're like.....potty time...

    But he wears diapers at night because he was wetting now and again and I just couldn't TAKE it anymore!!! And also....every time he has to poop he asks for a diaper, then does his business and then wants underwear again. He WILL NOT POOP IN THE TOILET. WHYYYY??? Oh least we're progressing and at least he and Hattie wear the same size (have for 6 months) so that we don't have to buy extra stuff.......sheesh!

    GOOD FOR YOU for being DONE buying them!!!!!