Friday, February 13, 2015

We're Doing Stuff and I'm Taking Pictures

Last Sunday was really warm and so we thought we'd go downtown. It was perfect. We had a perfect parking spot, perfect weather, and perfect children. Well, two out of three. The boys ran around and we yelled at them to be respectful. Typical, I guess.

Ollie the photo bomber.

Then on Monday we made and decorated some Valentine's Day cookies. Ollie likes making me crazy by crossing his eyes. Ugh.


  1. Oh! Good decision. Because if you went this coming Sunday it would be, ya know, 19 degrees out. :) Beautiful pics! The kneeling pic is kind of funny, but Ollie also makes it funny. :)

  2. haha, ollie is so funny. :) sunday pictures look super great, too. i really like the "kneeling pic" of you and chuck; you guys look super.