Monday, February 2, 2015

A Groundhog's Day Life

Truly, nothing is going on. I'm not sewing. I'm not doing any other fun crafts. I'm not taking fun pictures of my kids (January 2015 had the record lowest number). I'm just cold. And boring. To make it worse (and I kid you not that this just happened), look what I posted almost exactly one year ago?! I tell you. My life is just on repeat.

I'm still buttering toast, but not freshly-baked bread. And as our butter dish was broken Saturday night, it might be put on hold for a couple of days until its replacement can be found. And let it be noted, I will never, ever toast banana bread and then put butter on it. WHO DOES THIS?!

Hot water heater is going strong, as is the heated mattress pad (best. anniversary. gift. ever).

Sad to say diet root beer has made a reappearance. When it's on sale for buy two, get three free, I just can't resist. I have resisted the vanilla ice cream, sadly.

I just want it to be warm. But not too warm. At least it's February!

This is one of the nine pictures I took.


  1. Today is Groundhog's day, right? My main is truly turning to mush . . . .

    I think this is the time of year of . . . . boringness.

    Well, at least you got some pictures - and that's a great one to capture! Totally fun. (Oh and sorry about the butter dish? Did things get a little out of hand at the football party thing? :)

  2. January and February = cold and boring. Always. I hate it.

    Glad to hear you're still buttering toast, though.