Monday, June 15, 2015


Having surgery is funny. Not really, of course, but funny in that strange way. People have very strong feelings about it, and so it's not something I like to just tell people about. (But I guess I'm okay with them reading about it? Dumb, I know.) It's not like I'm embarrassed. I'm 99% sure I made the right decision for me. But still.

Anyway, the surgery was two Thursdays ago. It was quick (only about 1.5 hours) and Chuck and I were home before Rhett was even done with school. I was able to get up and walk around the next day and have felt pretty fortunate with the outcome. Immediately upon waking, I could feel the arm pain no longer. Gone. Wahoo! But obviously I had pain from the incision sight (which is right on the front of my neck--sweet). And I've been forced to wear a soft neck collar since. I see the doctor tomorrow and hopefully he'll tell me I can be done with it. I HATE it. I think I must have a short neck because my entire upper body is sore from me constantly trying to elongate the neck over the collar. Blah.

I'm hopeful that come tomorrow I'll feel much closer to the old me. The one that can sleep comfortably (and not like some corpse). The one who can run and not just power walk (which, by the way, I'm totally out of shape for. Who knew?). The one who can be nice to her kids, well, maybe nicer.

P.S. Because it hurt too much, I didn't wear a bra for more than one month. Ha. It was weird putting one back on.

P.P.S. I don't like talking about this. So I'm done. I
do, however, want to talk about how to be a pool mom and our new camper.


  1. Good vibes sent to you for tomorrow's appointment and that you'll get to say buh-bye to your collar! And hello to the normal you again!

    Yes, totally, you are such the pool mom now and soon-to-be camper-mom, too. Awesome, I can't wait to read all about it.

  2. I always enjoy reading whatever you post! I am so glad the surgery appears to have been a success!