Friday, May 29, 2015

Other Things I Should Document #4-7

4. Because we think we'll be in our house for a long time, and because we're mostly over the deathly fear of our kids drowning, this year we became members of our neighborhood pool. The pool opened Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, which was too chilly for swimming. But Monday we were there. And we'll be there as much as possible through Labor Day. The boys will do swim lessons and so hopefully next year Rhett can do swim team. I'm excited!

5. Chuck and I were trying to take a picture of just us for a book my sister was working on. Ollie did not seem to want to make it easy. He kept photobombing and we kept laughing so he kept photobombing! Oh that kid. (See below.)

6. Um, so, yeah, we bought a trailer. I blame my mom, but sadly she won't take financial responsibility. We have to go pick it up over 4th of July weekend, so I can post pictures then. But yeah, we're a bit excited.

7. My parents are going on another mission! This time it's to Frankfurt, Germany. They'll be public affairs missionaries for 18 months. And yes, YES, we will go visit them next summer. We'd go now but thought we'd give them some time to get settled. We're nice like that.


  1. LOVE the photobomber! hahaha.

    everything else is super great, too.

  2. Swim team? That's so... mature!

    Love the bum. No wonder you're laughing and smiling so authentically.

    I will give you all my notes from Germany.