Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Eating in Shenandoah

I may hyped our food just a bit, so sorry. In an effort to bring some variation to our camping menu, I recently purchased a pie iron. And because I didn't want to spend hours over the fire, I bought a double. (Turns out they cook pretty quickly, so we would have been okay with a single, but I'm happy to have the double.)

We had a trial run the previous Sunday and found that it worked quite well. At the trial run we tried three different pies, but the pizza one was the winner (shocker). And then at the real thing, they were just as good. They were warm and gooey and warm. Did I mention it was cold there? But it was the perfectly contained camping food.

We also made a dessert one filled with nutella and marshmallows. And since none of us really likes a true smores, this was way better.

And then after Saturday's hikes, we promised the boys they could pick a treat as they were hiking superstars. Chuck and I picked PopTarts, because HEY, we were good hikers too! And I have no idea why it's never occurred to us before to toast PopTarts over a fire, but from now on, it might always occur. We never buy these otherwise (because I will eat the entire box at once), but they tasted so delicious that it might become a new camping thing for us.

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  1. Totally awesome about the pie irons. Good food and kids that eat it help any camping trip go smoothly! Glad it worked!