Friday, October 23, 2015

Things My Kids Say

There was a song playing on the radio and Ollie started dancing...
Me: Wow, Ollie, I guess this song really moves you.
Ollie: No. Only sausage moves me.

One morning Rhett joined our bed...
Me: Wow, Rhett, your breath really stinks.
Rhett: Well so does yours.
Me: No it doesn't. It is flower breath.
Rhett: More like corpse flower breath.

After a long, apparently-exhausting walk...
Ollie: Mom, I think my health ran out.
Turns out this is surprising only to non-Terraria players like myself.

Ollie: Mom, some night maybe you can sleep with piggie.
Me: Oh Ollie, that's so kind. But why?
Ollie: Because of the good things you've done for me all these years.

1 comment:

  1. So. Awesome. "Corpse flower breath" - where did he come up with that one?!